Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Ireland Box - Craft Box

Today I'm posting about treasures from Ireland!  Recently the owners of My Ireland Box contacted me and offered to send me their My Ireland Craft box for review.  I gladly jumped at the opportunity.  Who doesn't want international treasures?  My Ireland Box offers two different boxes one for crafts and one for food.  I wasn't able to get the food one here in the US but they said they are working on the FDA red tape so maybe it will available here someday.  The My Ireland Craft Box is curated by a husband and wife duo Katharine and Thomas from Dingle, County Kerry.  Their interest in Irish designed crafts and artisan food led them to create the My Ireland Boxes.  Lucky us! The My Ireland Craft box will include 1 large or 2-4 Irish made or designed home good, accessories, jewelry, stationary or beauty products with a total value of at least 30 Euro (about $39 in the US) and usually more.  The price of the box is 30 Euro plus 7.50 Euro shipping (about $30 and $10 shipping in the US).  The also offer a discount with a pre-paid 6 month and 12 month plan.   

The My Ireland Craft Box is available for shipping to Europe, UK and the US.

The My Ireland Food Box is available for shipping to Europe and the UK.

The good:

Like International Surprises: Get treasures from Ireland without the price of a plane ticket.

Gift: I think this would make a terrific gift for the lover all all things Irish in your life.  It seems everyone knows someone like that.

Price: The price is fair considering it's coming direct from Ireland.  It doesn't get more authentic than that.  It would be better is the dollar were stronger but whaddya gonna do. 

Information: They include a little card with information about the artisans and products.

Support small business: Supporting small business and artisans is always a good thing.

The not so good:

Skip: Doesn't appear you can skip a month.

Price: For us US peeps the price is a little high at about $49 a month - buuut you do get some really cool stuff and the value is there. 

I LOVE Surprises!

Here are all the treasures that were in the box.

How cute is this little sheep magnet!  I absolutely love that
it's green.  The artisan also makes scarves from the same
This wine stopper is absolutely beautiful.  It's made from solid Irish timber and it's just gorgeous!
Contents of the My Ireland Craft Box with Euro and approximate US price listed:

Bia Beauty Feed You Skin Chai Latte Lip Balm. Value = 4.95 Euro or $6.49 US - I love Chai and this did not disappoint! Very nice on the lips - my only complaint is I like lip stuff in stick form so I don't have to use my finger. 

Matt Jones Woodturner teardrop wine stopper. Value = 30.00 Euro or $39.33 US - Very heavy and gorgeous!

Alljoy Design Laser cut owl greeting card. Value = 4.00 Euro or $5.25 US - This is really pretty and cut nice.  The only bad part is the Alljoy logo is laser cut on the back and it's huge!

Liz Christy - Handweaver sheep fridge magnet. Value = 5.03 Euro or $6.60 US - I think this is just adorable and I love the emerald green - it's so Irish!

The total value of this box is 43.98 Euro or appx. $57.67.  I thought the items in this box were super cute and I loved that they included things specifically from Ireland, like the wine stopper made with Irish wood.  I have so many wine stoppers already and really should save it for a gift but I just love it! I think the green sheep is just adorable and the card is beautiful.  I think you could put the greeting card in a in frame and use it as wall decoration.  The chai latte lip balm is nice and have a nice chai flavor.  I would've like it a little stronger but I'm probably in the minority on that.

I was so excited when I received the email asking if I would like to review this box.  We celebrated by making bangers and mash for dinner that night.  Goofy I know, but it seemed appropriate. 

Verdict: I think this Ireland box has some great stuff in it and is worth the price if you want to go international with your subscriptions! 

This is the back of the greeting card.  I think the logo should be a little smaller. 


  1. Thank you Everyonelovesatreasure for your wonderful comments about MyIrelandBox. We are delighted here at MyIrelandBox that you enjoyed the products in the March MyIrelandBox Craft. We are busy curating items for the April box - we have such choice here in Ireland with our amazingly talented craftspeople! If you would like to subscribe for the April Box then visit and click the subscribe link. If you subscribe by 25 March your first box will be shipped in the first week of April and you will receive a surprise from Ireland! You can of course cancel your monthly subscription at any time. The 3,6 and 12 month prepaid options are also available and savings can be found if you opt for the latter two. Please email us with any queries at
    We welcome your comments and queries so please do get in contact via Facebook, email or Twitter.
    Grá mór (lots of love) from Ireland! Katharine, MyIrelandBox

  2. Delighted to come across your blog today and thrilled to bits that you like your LizzyC Sheep ;-)

    1. Sir sheep is still on my refrigerator. I still love him! Thanks!