Monday, March 18, 2013

ModCloth - vintage inspired clothing

ModCloth is a online shopping place for vintage inspired clothing.  They have a large selection of dresses, shirts, bottoms, skirts, accessories and even item for your home.  The price vary widely and what I like most about them is the range of sizes they offer from XS-22W.  I've never been lucky enough to purchase from their mystery boxes because by the time I was able to make a purchase they had always sold out of my size.  

I'm home this week recovering from knee surgery (good for my knee, bad for my Visa!) so I was able to jump on this sale.  I've heard other people talk about the amazing items they have received in their mystery boxes so we will see.....
If you are interested I would suggest acting now before the sizes sell out!

I have included my referral link which will get you $15 off a $50 purchase but I'm not sure that works on the mystery items.  


  1. oh wait what? Can I still do this? I love modcloth! I've ordered a few things from them. I was a bit disappointed in a dress (the Zest is More Dress) because it has this odd flap of fabric on the bust that just looks weird but other than that anything I've ever ordered is amazing. How do I find this on the website? I don't see anything about this on here.

    Oh btw sorry for blowing up your blog lol. =D I love your posts! I know my blog is like nothing compared to yours but if you'd go check it out that would mean alot to me. =D

    Now onward to commenting some more lol. Have a great day!

    1. So major disppointment - I've been looking forward to being able to buy one of these mystery boxes for awhile and was so excited to finally get one that I ordered 4! Then a couple of days later I received an email saying "we are so sorry, there was an inventory error and we oversold the boxes so you don't get one" (paraphrasing of course). They did give me a refund and a coupon code for $45 off my next purchase which was super generous. <> guess I gotta hope for another one someday.
      I read your blog and subscribed - love the name and your makeup tutorials are great. I can never get the dang liquid eyeliner on in a straight line! Yours looks amazing.

    2. Oh no!!! I'd be so sad!! At least they made up for it by giving you an awesome coupon. =D I hope you can get it next time!!

      Awww Thank you!! =D It took me FOREVER to figure out how to do it. I have shaky hands so I have to prop my elbow on my bathroom sink to do it. I'm trying to get brave enough to do a video one day but I live in the south and everyone I meet in person says I don't sound southern, but put me on tape and I sound like a country bumpkin lol =D