Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March PopSugar Must Have Bag

The PopSugar Must Have Box is a monthly subscription box that is geared toward many aspects of your lifestyle.  It includes, food, beauty, fashion, tech, and all kinds of other treasures.  The price of the box is $35 a month w/shipping included.  They also have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and each one saves you a little bit of money.  The products in the last 2 boxes have been just fantastic!  PopSugar advertises that you will receive full size and premium items worth over $100 (based on the manufacturer MSRP at the time acquired by Sugar).  This box contains a variety of products.  The booklet they has a sections with product information on each item which is super cool. 

I want to say thanks to Catherine H., Jannet Y., Barbara H., Merina G., and Ashley S. for using my referral link.  I received this months box free because of them.  You guys are awesome!

This subscription is available in the US only.  

The good: 

Products: Full size products as promised and a nice variety of beauty, home etc.  

Pricing structure: They have monthly, 3, 6 and yearly subscriptions.  Each one (except monthly) saves you a little bit of money.  

Referrals: The offer a generous referral program.  Refer 2 people get a month free.  5 people 3 months free and 10 people is 6 months free.  I've was super lucky and 10 people used my referral link so I got 6 months free.    

The not so good:

The price: $35 is a little high for a monthly box but you do get some really cool stuff with a value of way more than $35

Skip a month: There is no option to skip, only cancel.

Here's my box of PopSugar treasures.

Close up of the nail polish.

Contents of box with approximate retail price:

Must Have Fashion
Heather Belle Signature Tassel Necklace. Value = $50-$70? based on other products on their website

Must Have Home
The Laundress Specialty Washes, Wool and Cashmere Shampoo. Value = $18.99

Must Have Home
Corkatoo Corkscrew in Blue. Value = $15.99

Must Have Beauty
Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara. Value = $19.00

Must Have Fashion
Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver Value = $5.99

Must Have Beauty
The New Black Nail Polish. Value = $10.00

Special Extras
Marshmallow Peeps. Value = $1.00

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Assortment Pack. Value = $1.48

coupon for 50% an item at Hollywood Fashion Secrets
coupon for a free deluxe sample of Buxom Lip Polish in Holly with any purchase from Sephora

The value of this months box is $122.45-$142.45 depending on the necklace value.  Even though this box has a great value I wasn't too excited about it.  The necklace is pretty and I love the length but it's really bright gold which is not my style. The wool and cashmere wash would be cool if I had items to use it with.  I have a couple of cashmere blend items like scarves, gloves and one sweater. Sweater saver? Haven't need one so far. Nail polish? maybe. Fashion tape? never use it. The corkatoo corkscrew is cute, maybe I'll put it in my travel bag.  Now I am excited about the mascara because I'm always looking for the perfect mascara. 

Verdict: PopSugar is a great box with a lot of variety. This is my last free box and since overall I've enjoyed the boxes I signed up for another 3 months.

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for PopSugar.  I purchase these subscriptions myself. 

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