Friday, March 29, 2013

March Gourmet Spotting Box

Gourmet Spotting is just what the name implies.  It's gourmet food sent to you discovered by the owners during their travels.  One of the tag lines of Gourmet Spotting is "Discover the world from your kitchen" Love it!  They send the best gourmet products from around the world, every month to your doorstep.  For $37.94 a month (the box is $29.99 plus $7.95 shipping) you will receive a box of 4 to 6 medium to full sized hand-picked gourmet products.  In addition to sending you a box of delicious treasures they also donate a meal to charity for every box they ship.  You know I'm a big fan of the meal donations so this made me very happy.  

This subscription box ships to the US only and ships from New York, NY. 

The good:

Gourmet food: Love gourmet food then you will love this.

Price: Great price to be able to try thing that aren't readily available at your local store.  

Pay it Forward: They donate a meal for every box sent.  

Sizes: Not just little sample sizes.  This is enough for everyone or you can keep it all for yourself.  

Information: The sent a flyer (printed on nice heavy card stock) with information on all the products and now they are including the prices which is great for me. 

Want more: The store is up and running!  If you want more of what you tried just go to their website and buy more.  This is awesome because so much of what they send are hard to find specialty items.    

The not so good: 

Skip: The is no option to skip a month, only cancel.  

All the Gourmet treasures!

Contents of box with approximate retail price listed: 

BaCorn, Bacon/Caramel Popcorn & Spicy Spanish Peanuts. Value = $5.00 - This was good but I expected more of a bacon taste. It tasted mostly like caramel corn. I did like the little spice the peanuts added. It took 2 days but I ate the whole bag.  

8.8 oz box of Black Truffle Strangozzi pasta from Italy. Value = $14.99 - I made this and drizzled truffle oil and truffle basalmic (both from previous boxes) and added white prawns to it.  I wanted seconds and thirds!

8 oz. tin of Shortstacks Pancake & Waffle Mix from Georgia, USA. Value = $7.99

Eli Zabar Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. Value = $4.00 - I wanted to try this just how it is but the boyfriend decided to put it in the bottom of a bowl and pile banana ice cream on top. It was pretty crunchy but I'm guessing that's from getting cold from the ice cream.  I did notice it had big old chocolate chunks in it. 

Eli Zabar Blondie Brownie. Value = $3.61 - I was hoping to try this but I came home to find the empty wrapper on the coffee table. The boyfriend says "oh you would've have liked it, it tasted like brown sugar" I say "I love brown sugar!" he says "oh, it didn't taste anything like brown sugar then." sigh 

The approximate value of this months box is $35.59.  I can always count on the boys to include a little truffle something in the box.  I made pasta the other day and put truffle oil on it. The teenager has now decided she really likes truffle oil, nothing like getting spoiled early. Pancakes and waffles are very popular in my house so the Shortstacks mix is perfect for us.  

****Gourmet Spotting is offering a special discount to my wonderful readers.  Use code TREASURE30 and receive an extra gourmet product in your first box. ****

Verdict: If you're a foodie you will love this box!  I can't wait for next month.

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