Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fresh Dish Home Meal Delivery

I discovered Fresh Dish through Love with Food. They included an information card with a promo code for a discount on their product.  Sadly when I went to check out their offerings I discovered they didn't ship to California. I was hoping to find a replacement for the now out of business Pop-Up Pantry.

I signed up to be notified when they will start delivering in my area. I always do this as opposed to just checking back because I know businesses keep track of things like that and if they are getting a major interest from California then that might speed up the process.  A couple of weeks later I received an email saying they now ship to California!  How exciting.

So here's the basics; Fresh Dish will send you a meal kit that will contain everything you need to prepare a from scratch  meal with 2 or 4 servings. Everything is pre-measured, sliced, diced so you will have a complete meal ready in 30 minutes. They work with professional and celebrity chefs on menus and incorporate some cooking in the meal so you're not just reheating something. Meals arrive via FedEx in a temperature controlled container. All shipments will arrive on a Tuesday before 8 p.m. (why? I'm not sure).
The price is $24 for 2 servings and $32 for 4 servings. Use code FRESH10 for $10 off your first order.

The good:

Time saving: I work long days 12-13 hours sometimes and sometimes 5-6 days a week. The last thing I want to do is cook, even though I enjoy cooking. The nice thing about this is the meal is done in 30 minutes.

Price: The price is $8-$12 a meal depending on if you order a 2 or 4 serving size. I think this is reasonable, considering it's cheaper than eating out and healthier than fast food.

Weekly menu change: They change their menus every week but act fast because some items sell out quickly!

The not so good:

Delivery days: Pop-Up pantry allowed you to choose your delivery day. I would prefer this because most Tuesdays I get home late and the weather here can rise to over 100F. I don't like the idea of my food sitting outside that long in that kind of heat.

Nutritional info: As of yet this isn't included but it's coming soon.

I ordered 2 different 4 servings meals.  This is the box and the inside. The box was fully insulated and their were ice packs inside. I'm saving this box for summer trips to the lake or camping!

Here are my two meals.  Each one was in a separate labeled box. 


My first meal is shrimp fajitas and the second meal is lamb meatballs. 
Here are the instructions and information on what you need and storage info. It should also be noted this came with everything including salt and pepper. I have probably 10 different kinds of salt and pepper (I'm a spice hoarder) so I didn't need this is just an example that they really do include everything. 

I made the Shrimp Fajitas first. It said 4 servings. I ate two tortillas and this much shrimp. The boyfriend had 3 tortillas and the rest of the shrimp. I think this serving size was a little small. We had 6-7 tortillas leftover. I used some of the them for breakfast burritos out of the next day.  


My friend Denise also ordered from Fresh Dish. She ordered the lamb and the Chicken Di Parma with 2 servings. She said her chicken came with 4 chicken breasts and was plenty and even had some orzo left over and ate it the next night with the meatballs.

I think I will  probably order this a couple of times a month. The items aren't frozen so really they need to be eaten within the week. Some items can be frozen like chicken, shrimp and meat but others like the sauces and breads cannot. So make sure if you order you are going to eat it that week! I'm actually not a fan of lamb but the boyfriend is. My thought is I can make this and he can take it for lunch and I can eat something he's not fond of like tofu or soup.

Verdict: Great idea, very useful and I hope they grow and offer more menus.


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