Monday, March 4, 2013

February Dumpling Box

Hello everyone.  I shared my newest snack food box with you last month and now it's month number two.  This is called Dumpling Box and it contains Asian snacks.  I love trying food from different cultures. Everyone combines their flavors differently in ways that I would never think of.  Also what I've always liked about Asian desserts is they are very rarely extremely sweet.  They have a sweetness but more on the savory side. 

Dumpling Box will send you a box of goodies and a little card that tells you what it's called, where it's from and the ingredients.  Perfect!  The cost of this box is $10.00 a month.

This subscription is currently available in the US only. 

The good: 

Like Asian snacks: This is a great box if you're a snacker and specifically enjoy snacks from the Asian region.

Price: The price is fair considering these are not easily found products. 

Information: I like that they include the information on the product with ingredients. 

The not so good:

Skip: There is no option to skip, only cancel.

This is the actual box.  I love the name of this company, so cute!
Here are my treasures this month.  The mysterious red packet in the back had more goodies in it. 

This is what was in the mysterious red package. 

Contents of Dumpling box.

Bai Rong Taro Biscuits, China - I love taro.  I love the flavor, I love the color, I love everything about it.  I was excited to see this.  It was two cookie biscuits with taro filling.    

Beijing Peanut Candy, China - 

Classic Series Guava Candy, China -  

Dongcheng chocolate, Hong Kong - This was just ok, tasted like cheap chocolate

Dorayaki Red Bean Cakes, Japanese - This was super soft and looked like a little hamburger.  It tasted like a dry pancake with a bean paste filling.  I actually kind of liked it.      

Fuwa Rice Crackers, China 

Green Day Mix Candy, China 

MiniHaw, China

New Year Candy, China

Pocky Strawberry Cream, Thailand - These are tasty little pretzel covered yogurt sticks. 

Silang Coconut Thin Cracker, China

I didn't attempt to find the monetary value to these items because it would've been way too time consuming to travel the the stores in my area and try and find these items.  Instead the value is assigned based on how valuable it is to you.  I happen to really enjoy these kinds of snacks and hopefully this will help me identify more items at my local Asian market.  I would much rather try this kind of stuff in sample form than buy a whole package of something and end up not liking it.  It's kind of fun to try and figure out what is what too. I look a the ingredient list and try and match it to the product.  I'm snacking and using my brain.   

Verdict: I really enjoyed this box.  I think it's unique and fun. 

** I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Dumpling Box.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.


  1. I just signed up for this one. There are no Asian markets where I live now. I used to live near one and, I would sometimes spend hours shopping in it. I miss Pocky! What state does this box ship from?

    1. Pocky is delicious! There is a small Asian market near my house and a HUGE one about 40 min away. It's the kind with every live fish imaginable at the fish counter and products I've never even imagine existed. I'm not sure what state it comes from. I will have to look at the next mailing label. It seems like a small operation for now but very cool idea so I can see it growing.

  2. ok I was about to leave your blog and stop attacking you with comments but I saw this one and spazed! This is amazing! Have you tried any other foreign food/goodie boxes? Seriously super excited over this one! Ok I'm done spamming you lol. Have a fabulous night!

    1. I appreciate the comments. Lets me know someone is reading which is so cool to know. This box is really fun and I just got the March one yesterday which really looks delicious and I just love the name. Gourmet Spotting send a box with a lot of specialty food from Italy. The guys who own it travel and bring stuff back and include a lot of stuff that you can't buy in the US. My Ireland Box has a food box but they are working on getting through FDA red tape to be able to send it to the US.

    2. Oh awesome!!! Thank you for all that info. About to checkout the other two! =D lol I'll have to slow my roll and only get one a month and see which one we like. =D

  3. I got mine in. I made a shout out to you in my blog because you introduced me to this box! Thanks hun!
    in case you wanna check it out!

    1. Awesome, thanks. I can't wait to get this months box!