Thursday, March 14, 2013

Can You Live Below The Line?

I heard about this campaign through BzzAgent and was immediately interested.

Live Below The Line brings awareness to the 1.4 billion people who live in extreme poverty.  what is extreme poverty? The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on $1.50 a day. Can you imagine living on $1.50 a day? Live Below The Line challenges those interested to give it a try and feed yourself for 5 days on only $1.50.

I frequently think about how fortunate I am to have expendable income for my monthly subscription boxes and to be able to makes purchases (within reason of course) without much worry. I can go to the grocery store and spend $100 and not think twice about it.  This wasn't always the situation for me. Growing up my mom was a single mom of two and we were on a strict budget. We would make our weekly grocery list from the weekly ads, clip coupons from the Sunday paper and head out with our calculator to the grocery store. Even in those frugal times 25 years ago we lived on more than $1.50 a day.

I would like to say I'm going to participate in the challenge but since I can't promise that will happen I signed up to raise money for World Food Program USA through Live Below the Line.

If you would like to donate click on my link here.  No amount is too small in my opinion.  Everything adds up in the end.  The donation page uses PayPal.

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