Friday, March 22, 2013

Book and Beauty Cravebox

Cravebox isn't a monthly subscription service they just send of boxes of really cool stuff if you are lucky enough to get picked.  Here's how it works.  Sign up on their website to be notified when a box becomes available they will send you an email telling you the drawing is open and what the price of the box will be.  If you choose to enter you will get an email about a week later telling you if you've been chosen or not.  They don't tell you what's in the box, just the theme of the box.  A lot of times they also have an option where you can purchase the box right then for a couple of dollars more than the drawing price. I used this option for the Cooking Light Box because I really wanted those boxes.

The price of this box was $12 but not only did I get picked to get it, I got it for free!  I received an email saying that I was a referral program winner for the Book and Beauty Box and since I was a top point earner in referral I would get this box free!  How cool is that!

These boxes are available in the US only and ship from Aurora, Colorado. 

The good: 

Themed Boxes: While you don't know what exactly is coming in your box you know the general theme and the price it will be.  

The price: I don't think.  It ranges from $10-$18 but they always tell you what it will be before you enter.   

Referral program: If someone lists your user name as a referral you earn points which may get you a free box.  Also it's retroactive meaning you can add someones user name even if you signed up months ago.  I wish it were clickable link but it's very cool none the less. My user name is pixiepower. 

The not so good: 

Value. Every now and then the value doesn't add up (read my Cooking Light Selects Box Review). 

Here is my Book and Beauty Cravebox!

This was also in the box. Looks like an ad for Arbonne cosmetics. Wonder how that distributor was able to put this in Craveboxes. Awesome advertising for her. 

Contents of box with approximate retail value listed: 

4 oz. John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner. Value = $9.99

3 oz. Vaseline Total Moisture lotion. Value = $2.99

1 Biore Nose Strip. Value = $1.00

.24 oz. packet of Biore Combination Skin Cleanser. Value = $0.27

.25 oz. packet of Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. Value = $0.37

Mistress of My Fate by Hallie Rubenhold in Hardcover. Value = $25.99

The total value of the Book and Beauty Cravebox is $40.61.  I was super curious about what book we were going to receive.  I was really hoping it wasn't a romance novel because I've never been into those and probably wouldn't read it.  I started reading this book and so far it seems pretty good.  I'm only on the second chapter and the only reason I stopped there was because I was exhausted and my vision was blurring.  I'm very happy with getting lotion and hair stuff because that is something I will definitely use.  I'm also happy with the Biore products because it's something I used to use awhile ago and for some reason stopped.  I'll be honest I can't wait to use the nose strips.  It's nice seeing a product actually work and seeing all the gunk it gets out of your nose.    

Verdict: This was a great box and thanks to my readers I got it free!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


  1. I never even saw the referral spot when I signed up a few days ago! I did put that I found out about CraveBox through in the "how did you hear about us" box though. hahaha! I went and updated it to list you as the referrer now though since you said it would still give you credit. I ordered the bikini box, I have high hopes for awesomeness. :)

    1. Thank you so much to the referral! I also entered the bikini box - I'm very curious about it even though I haven't worn a bikini since high school! Lol