Monday, February 11, 2013

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box

Julep mystery box time!  Julep had a special for Cupid's mystery box.  Their mystery boxes are always a great value so I always get at least two boxes when they offer them.  The price of the Julep mystery box is $19.99 and you can't use nor do you earn Jules on these purchases.  For your $19.99 you are guaranteed to get $60-$200 worth of items in each box.  The cupid box said every box would contain a mystery holographic or a coupon for a color of your choice. 

This is my first box.  It contained 5 nail polishes and a lip gloss. 

Molly, Boho Glam, classic red creme. Value = $14.00

Maria, American Beauty, shimmering platinum rose. Value = $14.00

Evangeline, American Beauty, holographic, Value = $14.00

Carrie, Bombshell, classic cotton candy pink creme. Value = $14.00

Lynn, American Beauty, nude blush pearl. Value = $14.00

Lip Gloss in Camellia. Value = $18.00
Total Value = $88.00

Lucy, It Girl, modern dark burgandy creme. Value = $14.00

Maya, Classic with a Twist, peachy pink seashell like a shimmering pearl. Value = $14.00

Evangeline, American Beauty, holographic Value = $14.00

Lynn, American Beauty, nude blush pearl. Value = $14.00

Demi, Bombshell, deep dark red creme. Value = $14.00
Lip Gloss in Camellia. Value = $18.00

Total Value = $88.00

The total value both my mystery boxes is $176.00.  These aren't the greatest mystery boxes I've ever received from them but it's not too bad.  I'm kind of bummed I received 2 of the same lip glosses because it's really pink and I'm not sure I will ever use them.  I also received 2 Evengeline and 2 Lynn nail polishes but I'm sure I'll find a use for those as gifts.  

Verdict: I think the mystery boxes are great!

***I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Julep.  I purchase these boxes myself.  


  1. Hi there- I also got a mystery box and didn't love my colors. I loved a few of yours- I wondered if you'd be interested in a swap! My e-mail is if you are :)