Monday, February 25, 2013

Jewelmint - The 4 piece timeless mystery box

I recently received a request to post when mystery boxes come up for sale from various companies.   I would love to enable other mystery box addicts and post the information when I see it. 

This one is for Jewelmint - Now my take on the Jewelmint mystery boxes is they can be really good or really bad.  I've had fantastic boxes where I've received 7 pieces that I didn't have and loved all of them.  I've also received boxes where I received items that I already had. I've received unreleased pieces in my mystery boxes and I've received pieces that I know they couldn't give away.  Basically it's a gamble and you can win or lose big. 

This mystery box can be found under the "what's new" section on the Jewelmint website. 

The 4 Piece Timeless Mystery Box has arrived!

Your box is guaranteed to include at least 4 pieces with some including as many as 10!

Bonus offers include a mystery promo code for use on your next JewelMint purchase (Up to $100 value)!

*Offer valid while supplies last. Each box contains at least 4 pieces, and up to a total of 10. Absolutely no refunds or exchanges of any box, or box contents. Please note: Due to high demand for the Mystery Box in our warehouse, normal shipping times may be delayed. Please allow several extra business days for your box(es) to be shipped. Please note: purchases of multiple boxes may increase chances of product overlap. Promo codes will be sent to customers the week March 25th, 2013. Cannot be combined with any other promo/offer currently running for JewelMint.

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