Saturday, February 16, 2013

intiMINT Be Mine Mystery Boxes

Right after I purchased the intiMINT wrap intiMINT advertised for mystery boxes.  The price was $40 and I thought oh what the heck!  They had some really cute stuff on their website so I figured I was bound to get something good and I had some credits to use.  Also although I like their stuff and the quality seems great so far it's a little high priced and I would be hard pressed to pay full price for anything.

So for this review I'm not going to do a good vs. not so good because it's a mystery bag.  I ordered 3 mystery boxes in size large and did it all in one order in an attempt to avoid duplicates.  Also instead of taking pictures of the items I just used the stock photos.  I figured the stock photos were better than any picture I could take and I'm not going to model these items.  They shipped everything together but in separate boxes so I think this is how the groupings went.

Mystery box #1

Crochet Back Thong, retail $9.99 - cute but not for me
Keyhole cropped tank, retail $39.98 - I like this but it didn't fit me
Adjustable Racerback Cami, retail $39.98 - cute and very soft.
Total retail value = $89.95

Keyhole Cropped Tank retail $39.98

                                                      Crochet Back Thong retail $9.99

Adjustable Racerback Cami retail $39.98

Mystery box #2

Racerback Maxi Dress, retail $59.97 - I really wanted to love this but I'm short so it didn't look right on me.
Cheeky Lace Romper, retail $39.98 - Super cute!
Total retail value = $99.95         

  Racerback Maxi Dress retail $59.97                                              Cheeky lace romper retail $39.98

Mystery Box #3

Color Block cut-out tank, retail $19.99 - love this because you can wear a bra with it
Lace Kissed Wrap, retail $79.96 - love but but I already own it :(
Ultra cozy hooded robe, retail $99.99 - OH-MY-GOSH!  Love this!!! It's long on me but who cares!
Total retail value = $199.90



          Color Block cutout tank retail $19.99

 Lace Kissed Wrap retail $79.96


Ultra Cozy Hooded Robe retail $99.98

In my three intiMINT mystery boxes I received eight items with a total retail value of $389.80.  The cost of the boxes were $40 each or $120.00 plus tax for all three.  I thought I hit the jackpot when I saw the hooded robe in my box.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  This robe was highly coveted but with a price of $99.95 most people balked at buying it.  I was kind of bummed because if you read my post from a couple of days ago on intiMINT you know I bought the Lace Kissed Wrap.  I felt extremely lucky to receive it in my mystery bag but kind of bummed since I had already purchased it.  The good thing is I only pay about $20 for it on sale, the bad thing is now I have two.  So was this worth it?  The answer is kinda.  A few of the things I love and a few of them I will never wear or use. I definitely got my moneys worth on the things I will use so it wasn't a total bust.

Verdict: Would I buy another intiMINT mystery box? Depends on what stuff they have in stock at the time.

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for intiMINT.  I purchase these boxes myself.   

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