Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Mantry Box - Retox

Mantry is a new subscription box geared towards men but it's food products and the way I see it is woman eat food too so I signed up.  The price per month is $75.00 with shipping included.  The advertise that they will send 6-8 full sized items curated to fit the modern man's lifestyle.  The products are 100% made in America, even the hand made wooden crate the items are shipped in.  It looks like they have changed a little bit and are more consistent with their pricing and billing. 

Each month the Mantry crates have a theme and this months theme is Retox (boozed infused products)

If you noticed I didn't do a review of the January box and that's because I never received one.  I emailed the company and was told it was error on their end and they would ship it out right away with a couple of extras for in the mix up.  It's been two weeks since the email and it's now the last day of February and I haven't received my January box yet.  Now I'm annoyed. 

This subscription ships to the US and Canada however for Canada it's an extra $25.00 shipping fee.

The good: 

Packaging: Comes in an awesome little crate.  This can be used to store all kind of stuff.  I'm currently using one to store extra beauty products and one for miscellaneous small gifts I've purchased.    

Products: Full size specialty food products. 

The not so good: 

Price: It's a high priced monthly subscription and the value fluctuates.      

Contents of the Mantry crate.  The crate itself was a little lighter than the other crates.

Contents with approximate retail price listed.  ALL products are full size.  

Reginald's Bourbon Pecan Butter from Sabot, Virginia. Value = $7.00

Creminelli Whiskey Salami from Salt Lake City, Utah. Value = $14.00

Brooklyn Brine Hop-Pickle from Brooklyn, New York. Value = $11.99

Jack Rudy Tonic from Charleston, South Carolina. Value = $16.00

Ovenly Bacon Caramel Corn from Brooklyn, New York. Value = $5.25 - this definitely had some spice on it and bacon flavor.  A little went a long way with this which is probably good since I'm sure it's not a low calorie snack.  

Scarpetta Tuscan Vodka Sauce from Lynn, Massachusetts. Value = $6.99

The total value of this Mantry box is $61.23.  As you know I like it when the value of box is at least what I paid but will make exceptions in the cases of gourmet or specialty items.  I would consider the Mantry box a gourmet box and it includes items that can't be easily found.  I still wish the value was in the $10 range.  All the items in this month's box look delicious.  I'm not a gin drinker but I do like vodka so I will probably make myself a vodka tonic with the Jack Rudy.  We've had Creminelli salami before and it's delicious, I'm sure the whiskey will also be great.  I love pickles and just finished off a jar of homemade pickles a friend made.  I might put this vodka sauce on the pasta from the Gourmet Spotting box and call it a meal.
Verdict: I wish the values were a tad bit higher but I do like the products.   

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Mantry.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.  

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