Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blood is the New Black Mystery Bag

I heard about Blood is the New Black from Kyla over at her blog Box Bitch.  I had never heard of Blood is the New Black before but when I saw the review Kyla did of their bargain mystery bags I had to check them out.  The company started in 2004, combines art and clothing.  BITNB collaborates with the artist by allowing them to have complete creative control right down the the tag of the shirt.  A portion of the sales goes right back to the artist and the shirts are made in the USA.  The regular retail price of these shirts ranges from $40-$45.  The bargain bag sells for $25 and you get 5 shirts from past seasons.  Yep I said 5.  That's only $5 a shirt.  What a bargain! 

The good:

Support Art:  This is a great way to support and learn about artists.

Price: You can't beat the price.  Where can you find a shift for $5, let alone a cool shirt. 

The not so good:

Choice: You may get a design you're not to excited about.  Perhaps you can find someone who would enjoy it, after all it was only 5 bucks. 

Don't like it: No returns but that's understandable since it's such a bargain. 

Sizes: The sizes seem to vary depending on the designer.  I ordered size large but some fit and some didn't. 

Below are photos of all the shirts I ordered.  I ordered a women's large and it said they were boyfriend tees.  I like my t-shirts loose fitting which is what boyfriend style usually is so I was happy about that. 

This shirt is from Keaton Henson.  It's a light blue color and is a comfortable fit.  The shirt material is kind of thin so I might need to wear something underneath.  The design is interesting but I'm undecided if I like it. 

This shirt is from Ginar Satria.  It's basically a sweatshirt and it's hard to tell in this photo but it's more of a half or belly shirt.  I don't wear short shirts but I really like this so I will probably just wear a dark shirt underneath. 

This shirt IS from Shadow Chen.  The design is interesting and has a lot of stuff going on.  Sadly I won't wear this one because while it's large it runs small and it's too tight for my taste. 

This shirt is also from Shadow Chen.  I'm kind of bummed because I really like this design but the shirt itself is too tight for me. 

This shirt is from Kathryn Macnaughton.  I like the fit and the color but I wish the design wasn't so big.  I feel like the shoes are just so huge.  This might make a good gym shirt though. 

Even though I got a couple of shirts that don't fit I still like this grab bag.  These are not shirts I would ordinarily buy at regular retail price but for $5 you can't beat it.  I don't have any artistic ability in me at all so I really admire people who have the ability to visualize something and create it.  

Verdict: I like this and would order again.  They also have a bargain mystery bag for mens shirts that I might try.  

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Blood is the New Black.  I purchase these items myself. 

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