Saturday, January 19, 2013

January Yumvelope

Yumvelope is a subscription service centered around food and snacks.  Each month you receive a large USPS envelope filled with yummy goodies.  The cost for this service is $21 plus $3.00 shipping or you can sign up for a month to month subscription for a flat $21.00.  If you like what you get then you can sign up for 6 months for $126.00 w/shipping included and a bonus shipment (I'm guess that means an extra month free). With your payment they promise to all natural hand picked delicious items in each envelope.  Yumvelope has also started a meal donation program for each envelope purchased, and you know I'm a big fan of that. 
The good:

Variety: There is a good variety of items.  
Discounts: The try and send a promo code for each product so you can order your favorite products at a discounted price.  

Size: They send full size or close to full size products which is always nice.  

Meal donation: For every Yumvelope shipped they donate a meal.  

The not so good:

Skip: No option to skip a month

Yumvelope Treasures! 

Contents of box with retail price listed.  

Mayesa Dark Chocolate Drink: Value = $2.00 - This was a nice minty drink.  I actually had this and some almonds for lunch and felt full. 

Black+Blanco Sandcastle Marzipan cookies. Value = $6.00 - This is basically a really mild almond cookie.  I enjoyed it. 

16 oz. bag of Weefulls Apple Cinnamon Waffle and Crepe Mix. Value = $10.99 - made waffles with this mix.  The boyfriend didn't like it.  The teenager thought it was good but said regular waffles were better.  I thought it was ok. I noticed they were still really moist in the inside.  I'm going to try making crepes next weekend. 

1.5 oz. Ticket Kitchen Vanilla Mint Hot Chocolate. Value = $5.50

2.5 oz. Ticket Kitchen Grasshopper Pie Chocolate Bar. Value = $5.00 - This looks like they took chocolate pie crust and mint pieces and mixed it with chocolate and it's delicious! 

.8 oz. Lush Nuts Dark Cocoa Chili almonds. Value = $1.24 - I thought there were spicy but the boyfriend thought they weren't.  Good size snack pack. 

The total value of this Yumvelope is $30.73.  The chocolate bar was so good, I really liked the pie crust chunks in it.  I love almond cookies and the Black+Blanco cookies weren't like traditional almond cookies but they were pretty good.  The weefulls has fruits and vegetables in the mix so it's like eating a healthy waffle.

Verdict: I've really been enjoying my Yumvelopes

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Yumvelope.  I purchase these monthly subscriptions myself.  


  1. This looks so good! i currently have, but I'd like to try this one sometime!

    1. This one is pretty good but it's a lot more expensive than goodies. You get full size products in this one though.

  2. I liked this box exept for the weefuls, I tried making waffles wight them, and they didn't taste like banana, and had an odd aftertaste. There was like 3 chocolate mint things in this box but they were all pretty good. Everything else was really good though.

    1. It is odd that there were so many mint chocolate items. I liked the chocolate bar though. I haven't tried the other stuff. I'm going to make the waffles tomorrow I'll let you know what I think.