Thursday, January 17, 2013

January PetFlow Spoiled Rotten Cat Box

Looks like there is another subscription box town for the kitties in your life.  PetFlow contacted me and said they were introducing their Spoiled Rotten Pet Boxes.  I absolutely love the name!  They have spoiled rotten box for cats and one for dogs.  The company generously sent me both boxes to review.  This review will be on the box for cats but never fear I will follow it up with a review on the doggies box shortly. 

The Spoiled Rotten for cats box is said to contains almost $40 worth products for $24.99 a month w/shipping included.  Additionally all the edible products in the box are all manufactured in the USA.  How great is that!  This is the debut box for PetFlow and the next one will be shipped February 15th.  If you use code SRB9 you can get $5.00 off your first month. 

The Good:

Support USA: I love that all the edible products are manufactured in the US

Variety: There was an awesome assortment of kitty treasures in here. 

Quantity: I have two cats and there was enough items in here for my girls to share the box. 

Info: They include a card with information about the product and the price.  Also all the products are available on their website  I did notice some of the prices listed weren't accurate and didn't match the prices on their website. 

The Not So Good:

Finicky: Cats can be really finicky on what they will eat or play with.  You might end up with something you may not use - but you can always donate it or give it to a friend. 

Subscriptions: I would like to see an option to sign up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with a little discount built in. 

This is how the box looks on the outside.  The picture on the right is the inside of the box.  I love the little paw print tissue paper.  They also include an information card and the back has all the product info including prices. 

Look at all the fun stuff packed in this box.  You can see Gracie in the corner patiently waiting to check her goodies out. 

This box even made my usually camera shy black cat Izzi curious.  I think she smelled the giant tin of catnip.  This girl is a catnip junkie!

Contents of the Spoiled Rotten Cat Box with retail price listed and PetFlow price listed last: 

Cat Dancer Original Cat Toy. Value = $3.49/$2.99 - Both my girls LOVED this toy.  It's basically a few pieces of rolled up cardboard on the end of a wire but when you hold hold one end it kind of bounces around.  They couldn't get enough of it.   

Wellness canned cat food in cubed chicken entree. Value = $1.79

Wellness canned cat food in turkey entree. Value = $1.79

1 container of Lickety Stik Lickable Cat Treat. Value = $3.49/$2.99 - Gracie actually licked this and seemed to enjoy it.  It was kind of a pain to sit there and hold it for her while she licked it but after about it minute she had her fill so it wasn't too bad.

Super Cat Cave infused with catnip (4 per pack). Value = $5.99 - The girls inspected this but so far haven't taken an interest in playing with it. 

Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel for cats. Value = $9.99 - I've tried this before and I like the idea but the cats don't like me giving it to them.  It for cats and dogs so the last one I had I gave to a family member for the new dog. 

1.75 oz. tin of PetGuard Leaf and Flower Organically Grown Catnip. Value = $13.99/$10.99 - This is a really big tin of catnip.  My junkie cat Izzi went cuckoo for it.  She rubbed her face in the tin and started drooling.  At one point she laid on the ground and made herself completely flat and looked like she was in total lala land.  She is normally so high strung that seeing her relaxed is a nice change. 

The total estimated value of the Spoiled Rotten box for cats is $36.53-$40.53.  Just as promised it's about  $40 worth of treasures for the girls.  I was very happy with this box and I know my kitties enjoyed it.  I thought it was odd that the prices listed on the insert didn't match their website.  It wasn't a huge difference though and either way it's still a good value.  We've bought them toys in the past and they only semi-interested in them.  Who knew a $2.49 wire toy would keep them occupied for so long. I am shocked that Gracie actually liked the Lickable cat treat.  Izzi was thrilled with the catnip and I'm thrilled that it's organic.  It's actually a really colorful fun tin with enough catnip to last a long while.  I try and give the girls a canned food treat once a week and I'm sure they will enjoy the turkey and chicken flavors.  I was really hoping the girls would play in the catnip bag but I think they were occupied with the other goodies.  I left it out in the living room so maybe they will play with it when are at work.  I actually sprinkled some catnip on a toy I had and threw it in the bag for extra encouragement.

Verdict: I really liked this box and so did my fur babies. 

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for PetFlow  This box was sent to me free for review purposes. 

Gracie enjoying the chicken flavor Lickety Stik.  The girls playing with the cat dancer toy. They both enjoyed this and it was so easy to use. 

The Cat Cave bag has cat nip scent in infused in it and the more the cats play the more scent comes out.  They checked it out but didn't play much in it.  Perhaps they were tired from the cat dancer toy.   


  1. LOVE this box!!! How fun is that?!

    1. I thought it was fun also. They are really enjoying the toy and it's a kick to watch them play. Also I have to admit it funny watching my black cat with her catnip euphoria. Really the only thing my cats won't care for is the teeth gel.

  2. Try putting some drops in their water.