Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Pawalla Box for cats

Pawalla offers a monthly treasure box for cats as well as dogs.  The Pawalla Box is $26 a month or an annual subscription for $252. The annual brings the price down to $21 a month and is billed yearly.  Shipping is included in both plans.  Each box contains 6 or more new products including premium all-natural wet food, treats, supplements and toys.  The treats and toys are selected based on the age and size of your cat or dog. 

The recently sent an email offering a Pawalla Mini box for either a dog or cat.  This box includes 1 treat, 1 toy and 1 surprise item.  The price of this box is $14 a month or a 6 month plan is $13 a month and a yearly plan is $12 a month.  The value of the box is estimated to be between $25-$35.  This is limited to 200 subscribers.  Here is the link if you want to check it out.  Pawalla Mini Box

The good:

Have a cat in your life?  Now there is a box for your kitties

Variety: There is a lot of variety is this box.  Everything from food to toys to supplements, just as promised.

Info: The provide a giant card with information on all the products included in the box. 

Amount: The amount of stuff in this box was enough for both my kitties to share. 

The not so good:

Price: It's a little pricey but if you have multiple cats they can easily share.    

Subscriptions: I wish they had a 3 or 6 month subscription that offered a little discount.  

Pawalla box of kitty treasures!

Contents of box with approximate retail price:

(2) 2.75 oz. cans of Lotus Chicken and Vegetable Pate for Cats. Value = $1.25/ea.

(2) 2.75 oz. cans of Lotus Salmon and Vegetable Pate for Cats. Value = $1.25/ea.

13 oz. jar of Meowstard. Value = $8.00

2 oz. bag of Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken. Value = $8.00

4 oz. bag of Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch for dogs (yep I said dogs - the product sheet says it's for cats but the actual product says dogs, I think they put the wrong one in my box). Value = $12.49

JMK pack of 10 litter bags. Value = $4.00

Loopies magic wand catnip toy. Value = $4.99

The total value of my box is $42.48.  I'm super intrigued by the meowstard (love the name).  It contains a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals that is supposed to help their joints, bones, metabolism, coat, etc.  I'm not sure my finicky girls will like this but I'll sure give it a try.  I've received the freeze dried chicken before and my cats didn't like it at all.  I gave my last bag to my friend who is an animal control officer to give to the doggies she contacts.  I usually don't use litter liner bags either but I may give them a try or donate those as well.  The Stella & Chewy product they sent says it's for dogs but I wonder if there is a difference between the dog and cat product other than the size. 

Verdict:  This is a fun box for kitties.

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Pawalla.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.

She's such a little ham!  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! We got Gracie from the shelter when she was 12 weeks old (she's almost 3 years old now). Her personality is so different than my other cat, really they couldn't be more opposite. Gracie is a total cuddle lap cap and has no fear of anything. We've had friends bring every type of dog from pug to pit bull in the house and she doesn't run away. She will either lick them or stand her ground until they like her.

  2. Even though some of the items were for dogs, I still think that this is a great box. Stella and Chewy's freeze dried dinners are quite pricey and I'm sure your dog would enjoy it.

    1. Just the one item was marked for dogs. I tried to give it to my cats but they didn't want any part of it. Sadly our dog Riley passed away a few months ago so I've been donating the dog treats and the cat treats that my girls don't like to my friend who is an animal control officer. She takes them to the local shelter and I'm told the animals over there love it. So the good news is it will definitely get eaten.