Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Momme Box - Healthy Living Themed Box

What is Momme Box?  It's a new monthly subscription service that is marketed towards moms of all ages and backgrounds.  As most of you know I'm not a mom but I've noticed a lot of these mom theme boxes contain items that anyone would enjoy.  The price for this box is $20 a month of you can sign up for a 3 months subscription for $18 a month or a 4 month subscription for $15 a month, shipping is included in all the above prices.  With the 4 month subscription you are charged $60 and will get 4 boxes then you will be charged $15 a month until you cancel.  Each box contains items that will focus on beauty, health, lifestyle, home, education and more.  Also each month will have a theme to the box and you can actually look on their website to see what all the themes are for 2013.

The theme for this months box is: Healthy Living Box

The good:

Variety: They include lots of products for different aspects of your life.

Recurring: Unless you opt for the 4 month subscription this is not a recurring subscription box so you don't have to worry about skipping or canceling.

The not so good:

Price: $20 a month is a little high for a surprise box. $15 is much more reasonable but you can't skip if you go that route.

This is the box that all the products came in.

These are all the products that came in the box. 

These are all the coupons that came in the box. 

Content of box with approximate retail value listed:

1 pkg. Click Espresso Protein Drink. Value = $2.95

1.5 oz. Dr. Cleengreen's Handy Essentials hand cleaner. Value = $5.99

EcoTrek Fitness Bar in dark chocolate toasted coconut. Value = $2.29

1 pack of Bubblegum flavored Glee Gum. Value = $0.25

1 pack of Cinnamon flavored Glee Gum. Value = $0.25

1.06 oz. Plant Fusion Protein Powder. Value = $2.49

Health Warrior Chia Coconut Bar. Value = $1.57

Coupon for a free Sambazon Superfood juice or smoothie. Value = $2.79

Coupon for $10.00 off a $24.00 purchase at Dr. Robin for kids.

Coupon for 20% off Hyde Yoga Clothing.

The total value of the Momme box is $18.58.  The value of this box is just under $20 but I'm ok with that because the items are actually useful.  This box like many being sent out this month is focused on health and fitness. The only thing is this box I know I don't like is the glee gum.  The Dr. Robin products is basically a free shipping coupon because their standard shipping price is $10 for all orders under $36.  The offer 3 products, sunscreen, combination shampoo and body wash and moisturizer.  The hand sanitizer may be handy to have because I plan on doing some traveling this summer and I like carrying sanitizer with me just in case.      

Verdict: The value isn't as high as the first box but I will use the products in this box so I'm happy. 
**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Momme Box.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.

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