Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January The Look Bag

The Look Bag is back.  They temporarily stopped their subscriptions to re-organize their subscription services.  With this re-organization they raised the price from $10 to $12.95 (shipping included) but they have promised better products with this price increase.  They have eliminated their yearly option to pay so this is strictly a month to month subscription.  The company says they will send you at least 2 full size items and 3 sample size items from high-end brands in every shipment. 

The Good:

Price: $12.95 a month.  Reasonably priced especially if they are sending at least 2 full size high-end products. 

You choose bill/delivery date: The day you sign up if the day your bag will be shipped and billed every month. 

Discount: They offer a 20% discount for members on the full size product in your bags** see not so good below. 

Donation: The included card says they make a charitable donation for each bag sold but it doesn't say to who. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: I couldn't find any option to skip a month. 

Availability: I could only find one of these products on their website.  So they offer a discount but they don't sell the product?? This seems weird to me.  If they are good enough to send out then why don't they sell them?

The new and improved Look Bag. 

Contents of bag w/retail price listed. 

.34 oz. Be fine Exfoliating Cleanser. Value = $0.55

FULL SIZE L'Oreal Paris eye shadow in sweet chemise. Value = $5.00

FULL SIZE LA Splash nail glitter in hazardous. Value = $3.99

2 oz. Frederic Fekkai Salon Technician conditioner. Value = $9.00

Set of 3 Clean Fresh Laundry tealight candles from Fusion Brands America. Value = $4.65

.01 oz. sample of TooFaced Lip Injection Extreme. Value = $1.40 (.2 oz. $28.00) - I didn't notice that my lips were bigger but I sure did feel the tingling and stinging sensation. 

The total value of this new and improved bag is $24.59.  I actually like the products I got this this bag.  The eyeshadow looks yellow in the picture but it's more of a light beige and will be a great base color.  I ran out of scrubby face stuff so this came just in time, although it's only enough for one use.  I've been wanting to try the lip injection but couldn't justify spending $28.  Candles always come in handy and I can always buy a cute holder and turn this into a gift!  Or who knows maybe I'll get a holder in another box of treasures.     

Verdict: I had this subscription previously and wasn't sure I was going to re-subscribe.  I have received a couple of shipments from them and have been pretty satisfied so I think I'll continue it for now. 
**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for The Look Bag.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.

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