Friday, January 25, 2013

January Bulu Box

Bulu Box is a monthly sample box that contains 4-5 premium vitamin and supplement nutrition samples.  These samples are for both men and women.  The cost of the service is $10 a month or $110 a year ($10 savings) which brings it down to $9.16 a month. This is a great way to try supplements and health type foods without spending a ton of money.  

The good: 

New products: Nutritional products can be overwhelming and expensive to try.  This allows you to try new products for a low price.  

Samples sizes: The sizes are really decent.  I received multiples of a few items which will allow me to try it a couple of times. 

Information: They include a card with the product information on it. 

Access to products: There are links to purchase the products on the Bulu website'

Point: You can earn points by reviewing products on their websites. Points can be used for discounts on full size items. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: No can do, you will have to cancel. 

This month's theme is feel good discovery.

Bulu treasures!

Contents of box with retail price listed.  

2 packets of Perfect Block Food Supplement. Value = $2.00/ea.

2.5 oz. bottle Dream Water. Value = $3.75

10 pieces of Immuno mixed berry flavor gum. Value = $3.50

1 capsule NRGX Labs Red Stinger Black Label all day appetite control. Value = $0.28 (90 capsules $24.99) - took this around noon before a trip to the gym.  I didn't notice any major extra energy but I did notice I wasn't trying to figure out excuses not to go and I was able to stay awake that night a little longer than normal.  

12 pack of Washington Homeopathic Products Natural Headache Remedy. Value = $3.49

The total value of my Bulu box is $13.02.  I've been drinking protein drinks a couple of times a week and I haven't tried this brand yet.  I've had the dream water before and it tasted ok but I'm not sure it helped me sleep any better.  I'm curious about the homeopathic headache medicine.  I don't get regular headaches I get migraines.  Wonder if this will help at all?  Appetite control? Sure why not?  Gum to help my immune system, can't hurt right?     

Verdict: I'm really enjoying my Bulu boxes.  They send a nice variety of products to try.     

**I am not any type sponsor paid or unpaid for Bulu Box.  I purchase these subscriptions myself. 


  1. Ooh Peppermint Oil from doTERRA can help with migraines if all else fails (other oils may not be pure enough to be as effective as this brand).

    Great box!!!

    1. I'll have to look into that. I have a prescription pill I take but I would love something more natural as long as it works.