Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Gourmet Spotting Box

Last month the good folks at Gourmet Spotting sent me a box of their food treasures to review.  I loved it! This was a food themed box that is right up my alley.  One of the tag lines of Gourmet Spotting is "Discover the world from your kitchen"  Love it!  They promise to send the best gourmet products from around the world, every month to your doorstep.  Sandro and Aman, the founders of  Gourmet Spotting have traveled the world exploring and eating and now they are ready to share their adventures with the world.  For $37.94 a month (the box is $29.99 plus $7.95 shipping) you will receive a box of 4 to 6 medium to full sized hand-picked gourmet products.  In addition to sending you a box of delicious treasures they also donate a meal to charity for every box they ship.  You know I'm a big fan of the meal donations so this made me very happy.  

The good:

Gourmet food: Love gourmet food then you will love this.

Price: Great price to be able to try thing that aren't readily available at your local store.  

Pay it Forward: They donate a meal for every box sent.  

Sizes: Not just little sample sizes.  This is enough for everyone or you can keep it all for yourself.  

Information: The sent a flyer (printed on nice heavy card stock) with information on all the products. 

The not so good: 

Want more: They are working on a store within their website to purchase more of what you love.  This will be awesome because a  lot of the products they send are hard to find.  

Skip: The is no option to skip a month, only cancel.  

This is the information card they send every month.  They give tons of information on each product.  

This is the Holidays Tasting Box.   

Close up of the Spanish Saffron 

Contents of box with retail price listed: 

3.52 oz. jar of Giuliano Tartufi Sea Salt with Black Truffle from Italy. Value = $19.99
2.2lb sack of Matiz Valenciano Paella Rice from Spain. Value = $7.99

1 gram of Hea&co Spanish Saffron from Spain. Value = $19.99 

5 oz. bag of Tamarind Fusion granola from Granola Lab in New York.  Value = $3.04 - I tried this right out of the bag because I wanted to taste the Tamarind.  It's pretty good, not sweet like typical granola.  The Tamarind gives it an unexpected tartness. 

(5) Pu'er tea cakes from Yunnan, China. Value = $0.50/ea.?? I couldn't find information on this particular kind anywhere online.  The wrapping is all in Chinese so I was a little lost. - when I brewed this is was really dark, like coffee dark and I though uh-oh it's going to be bitter.  Surprisingly though it wasn't bitter at all.  It was such a mild flavor I was amazed.  The best way I can describe it is a really smooth tasting tea. 

The total value of the Gourmet Spotting Box is $53.51.  Not only is there some really incredible products in here they also donate a meal for every box purchased.  I was so happy to see the saffron and Paella rice in this box.  I usually make gumbo on New Years Day but Crab season here in California has been delayed which is the main ingredient in my gumbo.  Then I thought maybe I would make a paella and while you can use regular rice a good quality paella rice makes all the difference. Saffron is the worlds most expensive spice but it's absolutely essential to paella and this I'm told is the latest crop high quality saffron.  I could smell the truffle salt while I was unpacking the box and it should be noted that this particular brand isn't easily found in the US if at all. Sandro mentioned they were a little obsessed with truffles which is just fine by me!  I can't wait to try the tea.  I've never had this type of tea and the information about it makes it sound very exotic.    

****Gourmet Spotting is offering a special discount to my wonderful readers.  Use code TREASURE30 and receive an extra gourmet product in your first box. ****

Verdict: If you're a foodie you will love this box.  I can't wait for next month. 

I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Gourmet Spotting.  I pay for these subscriptions myself.

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