Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Beauty Box 5

This is my second Beauty Box 5 box.  You can read the review of my first box here.  For those new here (welcome!) Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service for beauty products including makeup, skin care, fragrances, nail care, body care, beauty tool and just about anything else beauty related.  They have three ways to subscribe.  You can pay monthly for $12 a month, or quarterly $30 which brings the price down to $10 a month or yearly for $100 which brings the price down to $8.33 a month.  Shipping is included in these prices. 

The good:

The brands.  Well known brands including eco-friendly ones.

The pricing structure.  I like the options they have, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Like surprises? Boxes ship out on the 15th of every month and you never know what's going to be in it.  I like surprises so this is a positive for me.  Also since this ships out in the middle of the month you get a little treasure towards the end of the month.  Most monthlies ship at the beginning. 

The not so good:

Skip a month. Currently there is no option for this.  If you want to skip you have to cancel.

Don't like surprises?  You may end up with something in your box you might not use.

 Here is the box as it arrives.  It's a tiffany blue box filled with paper and your treasures inside a little bag. 

Here are the contents.  (I listed the retail value of full size in parenthesis)

.08 oz (FULL SIZE) container of Rosebud Salve. - value $7 - I hear really good things about this, everyone who has used it raves about it.   

.5 fl oz (FULL SIZE) packet Freeman pink grapefruit exfoliating scrub - value $1.99 - I've used these before and like having them around. 

.14 oz Pur-lisse, pur-protect essential daily moisturizer spf 30 - value $4.58 (1.7oz $55)- this is nice and light, doesn't feel heavy and goes on smooth. 

1 6x8 Doctor T's Supergoop sunscreen wipe - value $1.00 (10 pk $10)

1 La Fresh waterproof makeup remover wipe - value .42 cents (24 pk $9.99)

In full size items I received $8.99 worth of product.  The total value of all the samples received is $14.99.  Not as great a the $31.93 I received last month but more than the $8.33 I paid and I will use all of these items.     

Verdict: I'm going to continue with this subscription 1. because paid for the year and 2. I like the variety of items received.  

**I pay for these services myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Beauty Box 5

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Little Black Bag

Let's talk about Little Black Bag.  To recap for those of you new here Little Black Bag is a new subscription service with a twist.  You purchase your bag but then you have 7 days to trade your items with other members.
Huh?  It goes like this:

You can choose to do this monthly for $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping and tax (CA & NY) which brings it to roughly $59 or you can do a one time bag purchase for $59.95 plus $4.95 shipping and tax (CA & NY).  It works like this.  You take a style quiz and they pick a "bag" for you based on your answers.  Once you take the quiz you get to see a gallery of items ranging in value as of today from $10-$100 and you get to pick one thing you want.  Once you pick your one thing the company will choose 1-3 more items for you.  You bag will always have a value of at least $100.  They will tell you the brand and value but you don't get to see the items until you commit to buy the bag.  Once you click purchase the contents are revealed.  This is where the fun begins!  You can keep all the items in your bag OR go back into the gallery and pick items you want to trade.  The trade request is then sent to the person(s) with that item and they can choose to reject or accept your request.  You can trade one item for one item or if there is something you really want you can trade multiple items.  On the flip side you will also receive trade offers from people who want your items.  The trading period is open for 7 days and new items are added daily so you really should check the site at least once a day.  If you are happy with your items anytime within those 7 days you can choose to ship your bag right away.  Or you can do like I do and wait until trading has closed because you never know what you're going to find!  At the end of the trading period they company ships your items and you get your treasures!

The good:

Like to shop? This definitely fills the shopping need.  It feels like you are shopping every time you check the website and look for items to trade or trade items with other members.

The value.  Your bag is guaranteed to be worth at least $100.  My February bag retail value was $192 and my March bag retail value was $164  

Brands.  The brands are very well known brands.  Kenneth Cole, Disney, RJ Graziano, Perline, R&Em and many more.  The also put the retail price next to the item so you know approx. value.  

Multiple Item.  You can score multiple items and use them as gifts at a fraction of the cost!

Variety. They have handbags, sunglasses, cell phone cases, earrings, necklaces, vases, wallets, nail polish, makeup, home items. Basically you will find something you like.  

Skip a month?  Don't want a bag this month, then skip it. You have 5 days to skip the month.  If for some reason you forget to skip you will be charged for the bag but will get double the items the following month.

Need a gift? Send them a little black bag.  You purchase the bag and the company sends the receipient and email saying they received a gift.  Who wouldn't love picking out their own treasures!  And what a unique gift!  

Not satisfied with the item you received?  LBB will let you return the item for a exchange or refund.  The refund will be prorated based on the numbers of items in your bag and priced paid.  I sent a couple of items back for an exchange and the process was fairly painless.  I had to pay for the return shipping but received items in next bag equal to the value of the item I sent back.      

The not so good:

The price.  Yes $50 a month is a little pricey but if you break it down by item it's not so bad.  Also you can use it to find gifts or just skip a month.  

Pictures. The show pictures of the items and list the sizes but I would like to see them on a model (real or fake) to see the scale.  I have received a couple of pairs of earrings that were bigger than I thought they were going to be.    

Joining.  They company allows you to take the style quiz but to actually open your "bag" right away you have to invite 5 friends or post the link on facebook.  The other option is to wait for an email from them which takes about a day.  I personally don't like the idea of spamming my friends with email or posting stuff on facebook without knowing more about the product so I chose to wait for the email.  Once I did sign up I sent an invite to a friend and they still required her to send emails to friends to see her bag.  I think if someone sends you an invite you should be allowed immediate access. 

Time: In my opinion you need to really be on top of the emails to get the best deals.  I'm fortunate enough to have a job where I can check my email frequently can really stay of top my trading for the 7 day period.   

It's addicting.  Nuff said

Here are the pics from from my April bag.  

My little black bags arrived in a big white box. 

All my Little Black Bag treasures!

These are the laptop/ipad cases I received.

Here are the jewelry/makeup items I received.

My April bag was a little wonky as I had sent back 3 items from previous bags so I had "extra" items.  I removed those items from my pictures and didn't include their value since it was sort of a re-purchase.  I also received a $25 item for a referral (Thanks Denise C.!).  So when I opened my April bag I had 4 items (not including the exchange items).  And again this month I didn't keep any of the things I actually started with.         

1. R&Em laptop case - retail value $44
2. Urban Expression sequin ipad sleeve - retail value $25 (this was the value of my referral item!)
3. R&Em leopard ipad case - retail value $38
4. Mineralogie liquid eyeliner - retail value $18
5. Zad Leaf earrings - retail value $14
6. Zad peacock feather necklace - retail value $26
7. Robert Rose teardrop stone earrings - retail value $18
8. Zad leaf bangles set of 3 - retail value $26
9. Cargo cosmetics color palette - retail value $28
10. Zad star hammered earrings in silver- retail value $14
11. RJ Graziano threaded hoop earrings - retail value $35
12. Mineralogie new raven eye pencil - retail value $16
13. Zad star hammered earrings in gold - retail value $14
14. Lydell NYC yellow square earrings - retail value $28
15. Robert Rose Woven thread earrings - retail value $12
16. Lydell NYC Chandelier earrings - retail value $16
17. Mineralogie pressed eye shadow compact - retail value $38
18. Robert Rose multi row seed bead cuff - retail value $22

I worked crazy hard at trading to get all these items.  Admittedly the "extra" items (exchage/free item) I had probably gave me more trading options as I had more items to offer up.  Also I started with a cross body bag that was worth about $50 but then decided I didn't really want it.  I was getting multiple item trade offers for the purse which allowed me to get more items then trade up from there. 
So as you can see I received $432 worth of goodies for $53.16 after shipping and tax (I had a 10% off code).  I know most people don't pay retail and I'm sure some of this can be found on sale but even the best bargain hunter would be hard pressed to find these 18 items for 53 bucks. 

Verdict: I'm going to continue with Little Black Bag because it's crazy fun!

**I pay for these services myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Little Black Bag**

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Birchbox

It's Birchbox time!  This months theme is natural wonders.  What's a Birchbox? It's a monthly subscription service for beauty products like makeup, skincare, fragrance, etc.  Each month you will receive 4-5 generously sized samples and sometimes full size beauty products.  The cost of this service is $10 w/shipping included.  They also have a yearly subscription which is $110 for the year bringing the cost down to $9.16 a month.  You can about my March Teen Vogue themed Birchbox here

The good:
The brands.  You will receive items from Benefit, Borghese, Pur, Essie, Kerastase, Tarte, etc. 

The price.  This month I received 6 items and 2 of them were what I would consider deluxe size.  This worked out to be $1.53-$1.67 an item.  Great value on a couple items and overpriced a couple but in the end it all balances out. 

Like surprises?  You don't know what's in your box until you receive it.  When you sign up you take a little quiz and the items in the box are supposed to be customized to you. 

Discounts: They have a system where you earn points for referrals and things you buy.  The points allow you to receive discounts on future full size purchases from their shop.  They offer free shipping on items from the monthly box and a $5 flat shipping rate for items that don't qualify for free shipping.  This is a nice feature because if you want to order several different brands you get free or $5 shipping for everything. 

Need a gift? You can gift a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription or you can purchase a gift card in any amount.  There also have a nice option with the gift subscriptions where you can choose to have the 1st box shipped you for giving and subsequent boxes will be shipped directly to the recipient.  Great holiday gift!

The not so good:
Skip a month?  Currently there is no option to skip a month.  If you don't want a box that month then you have to cancel your subscription.  If you paid for the year you cannot cancel, you will continue to receive boxes until the paid year is up. 

Choice.  You don't get to choose what's in your box so if you don't like surprises or experimenting with different products this may be an issue for you.

Contents of April Birchbox (Full size amount and price in parenthesis)

3 ml Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Cleanser - value $1.60 ($16 for 30ml)

3 ml (guesstimate) Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil - value $3.60 ($36 for 30ml) - I actually really liked this.  I thought it would make my face too oily but I really felt like it made my skin softer.  

3 ml (guesstimate) Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion - value $3.72 ($62 for 50ml) - this is very light and didn't feel oily.  wouldn't use it everyday because I like to use something with SPF on my face.

.3 oz Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer - value $6.18 ($34 for 1.7oz) - I don't wear foundation but I didn't mind this.  It went on very light yet provided enough coverage to even out my skin.  I would buy this if I felt like I wanted to wear foundation. 

.04 fl oz Wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift - value $0.74 ($59.50 for 34oz)

8 pk Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towels - value $2.13 (30 pk for $7.99) - these smell good and held up well.  They removed my makeup but I didn't feel like the moisturized my face like the Neutrogena wipes do.  This might be a good thing for people that don't feeling any type of residual after cleansing. 

The total value of my items are $17.97.  I know I could probably get the perfume sample for free in a store if I was so inclined.  The Kahina samples were pretty small and figured I could probably get those for free as well but when I searched for a store there were no retailers close to me. I'm excited to try the facial towels.  I currently use Neutrogena face wipes and haven't found I like more than those.  So if I deduct the value of he cost of the perfume sample which I could get for free the box value is $17.23.  Not as great of a value as last month but still more than the $9.16 I paid and I received a couple items I definitely want to try.      

The verdict:  Rumor is next month is a Gossip Girl themed box.  I don't watch that show so I have no idea what to expect but again curiosity gets the best of me so I'm sticking with it....

**I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Birchbox

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Foodzie Box

This is my second Foodzie box.  You can read about my first Foodzie box here.  What's a Foodzie box?  Glad you asked.  It's a monthly subscription that features artisan products.  The price is $29.95 a month shipping included.  I was thrilled with my first box and was happy to pay the $29.95 fee.  I'm not so thrilled with the value of my second box, more on that below. Each month you get to choose a tasting experience.  Usually there are 3 boxes to choose from.  This month I chose The Earth Day box since it was April and all.  Last month and this month all my items were full size.

The good:

The products.  The products are gourmet items.  These are items you would find in a specialty store not an everyday supermarket. 

The sizes.  Full size products.  This is great!

Choice.  There isn't just one box.  It seems there is something for every ones taste. 

Need a gift?  Have a foodie friend that is impossible to buy for.  You can gift a 2, 5 or 10 month subscription. 

Commitment issues?  You don't have to be a monthly subscriber to buy a box.  Boxes are offered to subscribers first but after the 6th of every month anyone can buy a box.  Subscribers received benefits like free shipping in the marketplace and first pick at boxes.   

The not so good:

Skip a month?  There is no option to skip the month but they can pause your account for up to 3 months.
Value: Not consistent.  Last month I received an incredible value ($51.75 worth of goods for $29.95), this month I didn't even get $29.95 worth of goodies. 

The contents of my April box (retail price in parenthesis)

1 box containing 2 bags of Quinn Parmesan/Rosemary microwave popcorn (4.99) - This stuff is delicious  and they sell it on amazon - definitely ordering more of this! 

1 Bumble Bar chocolate crisp flavor ($1.58)

1 Bumble Bar original peanut flavor ($1.58) - I loved this bar.  It was soft and chewy with a nice crunch from the sesame seeds.  The peanut butter flavor was delicious.  This is a definate must buy!

4 oz bag Blossom Bluff Orchards Organic Dried Plums ($3.00) - these are really good, much better than the mass produced sugary ones.  I haven been keeping them at my desk for a midday snack.  

12 oz Guayaki Classic Gold Organic Sparkling Yerba Mate (2.08) - this tasted like watered down tea to me.  It was drinkable but not something I would buy. 

4oz CB's Nuts Organic Styrian Pumpkin Seeds ($6.40) - These are really good.  The seeds are big and they are nicely roasted with a touch of sea salt.  Good mid day snack. 

1.7 fl oz/50ml Bari Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($1.40)

The retail value of my box is $21.03!  This is $8.92 less than I paid.  I would be ok with a couple of dollars less for the convenience of having it delivered to my door but almost $9 is a little unreasonable.  Now I know the value of my box last month was incredible and if you combine the 2 months I'm still ahead.  If you are a new subscriber and this month was your first box then I would venture to guess it would be your last.   

The verdict?  I like the items in this box even though the value wasn't there.  I was incredibly happy with my first box.  I'm going to give them a try for one more month but if next month is a low value box I'll have to say goodbye.

** I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Foodzie.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Beauty Army Kit

This week I received my third kit from Beauty Army. You can read and see the contents of my February Kit here and March kit here. Just to recap for those who are new here (welcome!) Beauty Army is a monthly subscription service where you get to choose up to 6 items to try out. The cost is $12 a month and that includes shipping. They also offer a yearly deal for $132 which means your 12th month is free dropping the price down to $11 a month.

The Good:

The brands. You will get options from Joico, LaRocca, Freeman, Barbor, StriVectin, etc. These are well known brands. They also say they use brands from emerging companies which is also fun.

The box. I am very impressed with the little box it comes in. It's a well made sturdy reusable box hat can be used for gifting treasure boxes of your own making, keeping your treasures organized, etc.

The price. $12 Shipping included seems reasonable to me to be able to try a useful amount of product. I know you can get samples at a store for free but this is an actual useful amount. The samples are big enough to use several times to see if you actually like the product not a tiny little smear of something. It works out to $2 an item. Would I buy these items if I saw them in the store for $2 each? Maybe.

Customer Service.  There was a computer glitch this month and I didn't receive the email telling me it was time to pick my products.  I did however receive an email saying the window was closed to pick my items and they picked for me.  I contacted customer service and they responded within a couple of hours and resolved the problem that day.  While I was still unable to pick my items I was very happy with the customer service contact. 

The not so Good:

Paying for the year. If you decide to take the plunge and pay for a year be advised there are no refunds for yearly subscriptions. I'm not sure how the skip a month option works for yearly subscribers, there are no details on this in the FAQ section as of yet. 

The Box. The box has the company name on the front along with a bunch of beauty type phrases. This makes your re-gifting options limited and it's too good a box to just toss.  I've re-purposed mine to hold all my beauty treasures. 

Here is my April box. (full size amount and price in parenthesis)
Since I was unable to pick my items this month these were picked for me based on my preferences when I signed up.  I don't know what the other options were but with the exception of the foundation and soothing cream (I definately wouldn't have picked these) I'm happy with the selections. 

.1 oz Control Corrective Botanical Soothing Cream - value $2 (2.5 fl oz $48) - wouldn't have picked but will try it cause why not. 

.33 fl oz Cellceuticals Photodefense SPF55+ - value $7.50 (2 fl oz $45)

1.1 fl oz Barbor Sun Care System SPF 30 - value $5.34 (6.8 fl oz $32)

.1oz Kellett Skincare Moisturizing gel - value $5.59 (1.7 fl oz $95)

1 Karuna anti-oxidant treatment mask - value $7 (4 pack $28) - this looks fun!

15 ml MyFace cosmetics my mix foundation in medium - value $15.11 (35ml $34) - I don't use foundation
so I will probably give this away. 

I would only consider one of these items are full size (the mask) however these aren't inexpensive products so even the sample sizes have a good value and are of a decent size.  The total value of the kit is $42.54.  The only thing in this kit I probably will not ever use is the foundation.  If you deduct that value from my kits it's still worth $27.43.  I'm excited to try the anti-oxidant mask and it looks like I'm set for awhile on moisturizer with SPF. 

Verdict: I'm very happy with all my kits thus far and will keep this subscription going.

**I pay for these kits myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Beauty Army.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Gotham Box

Gotham Box.  Intrigued? I was.  Gotham Box is a monthly food subscription service. For $20 a month (shipping included) they mail you a box of products from the "Gotham" aka city you choose.  Currently the cities available are San Francisco and New York.  This company, like Love with Food also donates a meal for every box purchased, I love this!  The products are from local places in the city of your choosing. 

I signed up on April 6th and the very next day I received an email from Starbucks saying that Gotham Box had send me a $5 Starbucks egift.  How awesome is that?!?  I don't know if that was a welcome gift or part of the April box but I was super excited by this email treasure.   

The good:
Small business: The products are from small businesses in the area of your choosing.  I'm a big fan of supporting small and local when possible. 

Price: $20 isn't totally unreasonable considering what you get.  For example the items in this box are unavailable for online purchase, so you really are getting unique specialty items that are local to the area.

The not so good:
Availability: While I like receiving the unique specialty items I would like to be able to purchase them if I decide I can't live without them.

Multiple boxes: I chose the San Francisco box because that's where I'm from originally but I would like to try the New York box just out of curiosity.  On the website you can change your city but it doesn't appear you can subscribe or order more than one box.  It would be a  nice feature if they had leftover boxes at the end of the month to let subscribers purchase those.  

Skip a month: No can do.  You can change your city or cancel but no skipping the month.   

Here is my April Gotham Box.  
The contents came in a regular mailing box with packing peanuts.  Inside was a card with information about the companies featured.  There was also a postcard of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and written on the back a note thanking me for signing up.  I thought that was a nice. 

Contents: Retail price in parenthesis. 

1lb Baia organic durum wheat semolina macaroni pasta ($6) - This held up nicely and didn't have a wheat taste to it like some wheat pastas do. 

1 pkg. 4505 Meats Chicharrones ($3.50) - these are the most A-MA-ZING chicharrones I've ever tasted. They literally melt in your mouth.  Next time I'm in S.F I'm definitely getting some of these!

2 oz Jade chocolates Genmai 35% roasted brown rice, green tea and jasmine tea chocolate ($6.25) - I like the brown rice but the chocolate had a perfumey after taste to me.  I'm not a big milk chocolate fan though so this may just be my taste buds. 

2 oz Jade chocolates Kuro Genmai 62% roasted brown rice chocolate ($6.25) - this is yummy. you can really taste the brown rice and it adds a nice crunch. 

Starbucks egift ($5.00) - Starbucks is always appreciated

The total value of the box is $27 and I paid $20.  Considering you can't buy these things online and most likely won't be able to find them in your local store it's a good value.  I think the most interesting thing is the chocolate bars.  I don't know that I would ever pay $6.25 chocolate bar (especially the milk chocolate) so I probably would never have tried them.  The combination of flavors sound interesting though so I'm glad I received them.   

Verdict: I'm going to stick with this one for now.  There is nothing in this box I wouldn't eat so it's a good deal for me.   

**I purchase these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Gotham Box.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

March Blissmo Box

My March Blissmo box arrived last weekend.  I was torn on which box to choose.  The options were Beauty, Bath & Body, Chocolate lovers and Natural Nibbles.  I already get tons of beauty stuff in the mail so I had to decide between chocolate or natural nibbles? decisions, decisions.  I was a good girl and went with natural nibbles hoping they would find pity on me and throw some natural chocolate in the box.
For those new here you might be asking what is a Blissmo box?  Blissmo is a monthly subscription service geared toward organic & eco products that are described as safer and better for you.  Each month they offer different boxes which vary based on themes or seasons.  You can see my March box here.  The cost is $19 plus $3 shipping.  HOWEVER on their website it says due to rising fuel costs new members pricing is set to go up later this month.  I don't know what the new price will be but if your thinking of joining I would do it now.   The company advertises that you will receive between $19-$40 worth of items for your $22. This is my second month and the highest dollar amount of goods I've received is $24.70.  This is the March box but I received it in April. 

The good:
Like trying new things but not sure what to try? This is a good start to trying new products without being overwhelmed.  

Variety: They offer different boxes not just food.  I've seen some that had items for baby in them.

Infomation: They include a card with information about the company and their products. Also on the card they list the value of each item received, I really like this. 

The price: $22 (with shipping) isn't horrible for having good for you products delivered to your door.  The bad part would be if you absolutely don't use something in the box. Then you would "lose" money on it.  

The not so good:
Skip a month? yes you can skip a month but they still charge you.  So if you skip April you will still be charged but will able to pick two boxes in May.  If your skipping the month in order to save money this doesn't work.  If you are going to pay for the box you might as well receive it right? Of course if none of the boxes appeal to you then you aren't forced to waste the money.  I think it would be easier for customers to have the option to skip the month and not be charged. 

Here is my April Box:

Below are the contents of the box (retail price listed in parenthesis)

Rapunzel organic milk chocolate bar ($3.79)

Rapunzel organic extra dark chocolate bar ($3.79) - yay chocolate! - very good

Food Should Taste Good single serve multigrain chips ($1.49) - I didn't get to try these but was told by my boyfriend that they were good for multigrain chips

Yummy Earth organic lollipops x3 (.75/ea)

Barbary Brix Salty Dog Balinese sea salt caramels ($4.89) - these are delicious

Yogavive organic Apple Chips ($1.50) - the taste reminds me a apple baby food, but not in a bad way

Oren's Kitchen Indian Ajain Cashews ($6.99) - these were really good, the cumin spice on the perfectly oiled cashews was deliciously addicting.  I ate the whole bag in one day! 

The retail value of my box was $24.70, which is $2.70 more than I paid.  There is nothing in this box that won't get eaten so it's a good value for me.  Now I may or may not have been able to find a couple of these items on sale but my time and gas is worth more than a couple dollars.  I would like to see the company get a little closer to the $30-$40 mark every now and then though.  It's always nice to receive an extra treasure. 

**I pay for these services myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Blissmo**

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Love with Food box

Yay April is here!  I've been having un-boxing withdrawals for the last couple weeks.  I am having fun with all the trading Little Black Bag and can't wait to show you my treasures this month.  For more on LBB click here or here.
Yesterday I received my Love with Food box.  For those of you new here Love with Food is a really cool monthly food/snack subscription.  The best thing about this program is for each box purchased they donate a meal to Share our Strength no Kid Hungry.  For $14 (shipping included) a month you will receive a box of 5+ unique gourmet hard to find items.  If your taste buds like what you taste them you can access the members only area and buy the item at Love with Food at a special discount.  Last month I received these amazing fig bars from Nature's Bakery and promptly ordered more to keep in my little snack bowl.  Each month is a different theme.  For instance February was sweet treats, March was hikers essentials and this month is Bunny Hop into Spring.  I am very excited about my treats this month and can't wait to try everything in the box!

The good: 

The price: $14 a month, you gets lots of treats AND you are donating a meal.  Can't beat that!

Need a gift. You can send a 3 or 6 month gift subscription to a friend.  Who doesn't love getting tasty treats in the mail.

Variety. There is lots of variety in the products and if you are food adventurous you'll like this.

Discounts.  You earn points that you can use towards the purchase of full size products.

The not so good:

Skip a month.  There is no option to skip a month.  If you don't want a box then you have to cancel your membership.

Picky eater?  You don't get to pick your items.  I actually don't see this as a problem but picky eaters may.

Here is my April Love with Food box

 I received a priority mail envelope and inside was this pretty red box with my tasty treats.

This is the inside of my box.  Lots of yummy treats to try.  

1oz bag of Annie's Bunny Grahams
4 Ferrero Chocolate eggs
4 packets of Impra Masala Green Tea
2 Mom's originals chocolate dipped pretzels (dark chocolate and milk chocolate)
2oz bottle of Oliovera Meyer lemon olive oil
2 oz bottle of Oliovera Raspberry Basil vinegar
The TeaRoom Chocolate Company Chocolate Sampler pack containing 4 samples (Pina Colada, Masala Chocolate, Midnight Mocha and Mayan Pepper Chai)

Verdict.  I'm going to keep this subscription.  The samples will be great to keep at work, in my snack bowl at home or in my purse for when I'm running errands all day.  $14 a month is a great deal AND you donate to a fantastic cause.

**I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Love with Food