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Sneak Peeq Mystery Boxes

Sneak Peeq isn't a subscription service just a fun way to shop and get good deals.  You have to sign up for Sneak Peeq through Facebook which is actually the one big thing that bothers me.  I use Facebook but I don't necessarily want to create accounts at shopping sites through them. 
This is how it works.  Everyday Sneak Peeq put products on the website.  The list the retail price of the item and you can "peeq" to see what your price is.  Each day you start with 40 "peeqs" which I find is more than enough.  You can also earn badges for extra % off and or free shipping.  They way you earn those badges is by peeqing at the actual price of the item. 

I have bought some jewelry and other items through them and have been happy with my items.  This year I saw they were offering mystery boxes and you know I'm a sucker for mystery boxes.  They had 3 types available; Glam Girl, Girl Who's Got It All and Nature Girl.  Each box was priced at $29.99 w/shipping included and promised to have a value of at least $60 and as much at $500 with a chance at getting bonus items. 

I couldn't decided which box I wanted so I got all three.  Don't judge.  boxes the items were shipped in were really cute pink boxes with a bow printed on it.  You can see it really well on the description card for the Girl Who's Got It All picture.  I also put the goodies from the Nature Girl box on the pink box for the picture.  They are sturdy boxes and can be reused for gift giving, storing items, or organizing so that's cool. 

Description Card for Glam Girl mystery Box. 

This is my Glam Girl mystery box. 

Contents with retail price listed: *Note all items are full size

Benefit's Cabana Glama kit. Value = $36.00 - very cute little makeup kit.   The retail value is $36 but I've seen it on sale for $18.00

Dog necklace from Cool and Interesting. Value = $10.00 ?? - This brand is a wholesale brand so I couldn't find a price on the necklace.  I would say it's worth no more than $10.00.  It's cute but not something I would wear.  

LA Splash Lip Gloss. Value = $6.99 - Cute but very pink

Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment. Value = $32.50 - This was a little disappointing because I don't have acne issues and I'm afraid it will dry out my skin if I use it. 

Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe eyeliner. Value = $18.00 - eyeliner is always useful and it's a good brand

The total value of my Glam Girl mystery box is $103.49.  This is well over the $60 value promised but there are a couple of items I won't use.   

Description card for Girl Who's Got It All mystery box. 

This is my Girl Who's Got It All mystery box. 

Contents with retail price listed: *Note all items are full size

BareEase & Cream prep kit for ouchless hair removal. Value = $25.00 - This was disappointing for a couple of reasons, #1 It's not something I would use and #2 They shouldn't send sized items unless they know my size.  I've heard it works really well though from people who have used it. 

3 Dye Ties. Value = $9.71 - Always appreciated, I love these things but they do stretch out rather easily,

Chella Eye Cream. Value = $75.00 - Wow, $75 eye cream?  It's worth trying.

Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment. Value = $32.50 - I was bummed that I received another one of these. 

Scarf. Value = $10.00 ?? - Nice scarf but not my style.

The total value of my Girl Who's Got It All mystery box is $152.21.  This one has an amazing value but the only things I will use are the hair ties and the eye cream.  I was also disappointed that they duplicated an item from the Glam Girl box.   

Description Card for Nature Girl Mystery Box. 

This is my Nature Girl mystery box. 

Contents with retail price listed: *Note all items are full size

Klean Spa Pearlized Body Wash in Tiare Blossom Value = $13.50 - I will definitely use this. 

Organic Indulgence Body Balm Stick in sweet cherry and almond. Value = $5.95 -  I have one of these is another scent but I haven't used it yet. 

LaRocca lip balm Value = $15.00 - This looks like it will be a nice color on. 

Crazy Rumors Gingerbread lip balm. Value = $3.50 - I can't wait to try this, I love gingerbread!

Beauty Without Cruelty (bwc) Nail polish in tangerine. Value = $16.95 - I've heard of this brand but haven't tried it.  I'm curious about how well this polish holds up. 

Torie Howard Organic Hard Candy in pomegranate. Value = $4.99 - They look good. 

Flip & Tumble Mini Bag. Value = 7.00 - I have tons of these types of bags but I'll never turn one away, they are very useful!

The total value of my Nature Girl mystery box is $66.89.  This has the lowest value of the three boxes but for me has the most stuff I will use.   

I would maybe consider buying the Nature Girl or Glam Girl box box again but wasn't super excited about these boxes overall.  They had a great value but it's only valuable if you will use it. 

Do be sure and check out Sneak Peeq for deals on home, beauty and other fun stuff.  I've found some really cute stuff and good deals during my peeqs.

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Sneak Peeq.  I purchased these items myself.     

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  1. Hey,

    Nice review, I've read a few of these reviews on Sneak Peeq and they all seemed to LOVE their boxes I however was not overly impressed, much like you. So nice to know I am not the only one! If you'd like to see what I wrote my review is

    I got a slightly different box to you with a couple of same products.

    xo Glam Wife.