Monday, December 31, 2012

December Pawalla Cat Box

Treasure boxes for dogs are pretty common but treasure boxes for cats aren't.  Pawalla changed all that and they offer a box for your dog or your cat.  The Pawalla Box is $26 a month or an annual subscription for $252. The annual brings the price down to $21 a month and is billed yearly.  Shipping is included in both plans.  Each box contains 6 or more new products including premium all-natural wet food, treats, supplements and toys.  The treats and toys are selected based on the age and size of your cat or dog. 
The good:

Have a cat in your life?  Now there is a box for your kitties

Variety: There is a lot of variety is this box.  Everything from food to toys to supplements, just as promised.

Info: The provide a giant card with information on all the products included in the box. 

Amount: The amount of stuff in this box was enough for both my kitties to share. 

The not so good:

Price: It's a little pricey but if you have multiple cats they can easily share.    

Subscriptions: I wish they had a 3 or 6 month subscription that offered a little discount.  

This is the box.  It's fairly large and all the items have their own compartments.  You can also see the information card that is included. 

Contents of box with retail price:

(2) Nature's Variety Instinct, Feline canned chicken. Value = $1.04/ea.

(2) Nature's Variety Instinct, Feline canned salmon. Value = $1.04/ea.

.60 oz. bag of PureBites Cat Treats. Value = $2.99
2 oz. bag Primal's Freeze-Dried Turkey Liver Munchies. Value = $5.99

2 oz bottle of Cat-Man-Doo chicken flavor sprinkles. Value = $5.59

2.1 oz. bag Greenies Smartbites for cats, hairball formula.  Value = $3.99

Fur_Zoff Pet Hair Remover. Value = $9.99

Spot's Eco Cat Natural Mouse. Value = $2.20\

Coupon for a free Primal starter pack. 

The total value of my box is $34.91.  Wow there is a whole bunch of goodies in this box for my girls.  What I like about this box also is there is plenty of goodies in here if you have multiple cats.  I was confused by the coupon though because it says "only good at this store" but it doesn't say which store.  I'm going to check my local Petco when I buy the girls food and see if they have this product and will take the coupon.

Verdict:  This is a fun box for kitties.

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Pawalla.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.

I tried to get a picture of Gracie with the item in the box but she was being a typical cat that day and not cooperating.  This was as much cooperating as she was going to to. 


  1. This looks like a fun box! I don't have cats, just a sassy dog. And he never cooperates. Gracie is really pretty. =D The primal starter pack, I checked their website and was given local locations where it's sold in my area, Most were small and far away.

    1. It is a fun box although I'm noticing the girls are a little picky with their treats. Gracie caught our eye at the county shelter. She has such usual markings and is super friendly and not scared of anything. Total opposite personality of our black cat.