Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Julibox

A couple of months ago I heard about Julibox.  Julibox is a subscription box for those who like the beverages of the adult variety. Each month Julibox sends out a recipes for two different cocktails and all the ingredients necessary to make them (minus any fresh fruit).  Each cocktail will be enough to serve two people so basically you get four cocktails per box.  Julibox cost $40 if you do a month to month membership and can go as low as $36 a month if you sign up for a 6 month membership.  Shipping is included in all prices.  The nice thing about the 3, 6 or 2 month memberships is they don't bill you in advance they still be you once a month.

They say you can buy more of anything you like in their shop but when I clicked on their store page there was nothing for sale.  I'm hoping this will be up and running soon, although I have a Total Wine and Bev Mo very close to me so it wouldn't be hard to get what more.

This is the fourth collection offered by Julibox.  

The good: 

Like new drinks: This is a great way to try new drinks without buying a full size bottle of alcohol.

Need a gift: You can gift Julibox. What a better way to say thanks than with a cocktail.

Monthly billing: I like that if you sign up for 3 months or longer they still bill you monthly.  If you cancel before the end of the subscription term they will charge you $15.00 This seems like a fair deal to me.

The not so good:

Price: The price ends up being $9-$10 per drink which is right around regular bar prices.  Now the benefit is you can drink in the comfort of your own home.   


This is a real wax seal on this envelope.  I thought it looks pretty cool.  Inside are the recipe cards and a information about the curator and drinks. 

This is how the products are shipped.  There is plenty of packing material and each bottle is wrapped in tissue. I didn't take a picture but each drink has it's own color tissue making it easy to identify the ingredients. 

This is the front and back of the included recipe cards.  They list all the things you will need down the the type of glass and how to mix the drink.  The even include a toast and rating area for you to fill out.  These are printed on heavy card stock and can be saved for future reference.  The also have instructional videos on their website to view. 

How great are these treasures!

Cocktail #1 Old Fashioned

(2) 50 ml bottle of Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Aged Rum. Value = $3.99/ea.
.12.5 oz. Angostura Aromatic Orange Bitters. Value = $0.28 (4 oz. $8.99)

(2) sugar cubes. Value = ??

The total value of this cocktail recipe is $8.26 for two drinks (not including the sugar cubes).   

Cocktail #2 Magi Sour

(2) 50 ml bottles of Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star. Value = $2.50/ea.

2 oz. bottle of Royal Rose Tamarind Simple Syrup. Value = $3.00 (8 oz. $12.00)

Lime Perrier. Value = $1.50

.12.5 oz. Angostura Aromatic Bitters. Value = $0.28 (4 oz. $8.99)

The total value of this cocktail recipe is $9.78 for two drinks. 

The total value in this box is $18.04.  That's about $4.50 per drink and the cost of the box is $9-$10 per drink.  I was thinking yikes, that's not a deal at all.  Then I thought about it some more.  If I wanted to make these drinks at home with these ingredients I would need to go buy them and what would that cost.  I would probably have to buy full size bottles of everything and that would cost about $90.00.  I have rum in my house, but not these brands of rum and I actually have the tamarind and bitters so to buy the rum and Perrier would still cost me about $60.00.  The benefit would be that I would have extra alcohol to make more drinks, the downfall would be if I didn't like the drink and now I had alcohol that I won't drink.  So I'm sort of torn on this one.  I can see the benefits but I also like getting a deal.     

Verdict: Torn. Anyone else have this subscription?  What do you think?

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Julibox. I purchase these subscriptions myself 


  1. This was my second month of Julibox and I love it! I'm not very brave when ordering cocktails, I tend to stick with what I know because I hate paying for a bad drink! So now I get to try different kinds I never knew of or would try and at home. Then if I find one I like, I have a new go-to when going out!

    1. I like the idea of trying a new drink and not having to buy full bottles of alcohol to do it. That's definitely the upside. The box is big enough I wonder if they would consider putting one more cocktail in there.

  2. This was the first box we received - and it was so fun to open all the little presents - this was definitely beautifully presented. I had high hopes based on previous boxes. Very meh about these cocktails. I get why it is expensive - the shipping alone (with signature required) must be mad expensive!!! The sugarcubes they sent were $2 to ship! (Nice touch). I wish they would offer a bigger version for a bit more money - larger booze bottles - the box is already large enough and the other costs might already be offset - we were very surprised they were airline bottles!!!!!

    1. I was surprised at the tiny bottles also. I get the concept though it's enough to give the drink a try. Maybe if they put one more cocktail in the box since it's certainly big enough.