Monday, January 7, 2013

December Goodies Box

Goodies Co. is a monthly subscription company that sends out 5-8 trial sized food products for $7 a month w/shipping included.  Yep just $7 for this tasty little box!  I've enjoyed these little boxes and how can you really go wrong for $7.00.           

The good:

Price: $7 is a very reasonable price to pay for a box of snacks to try.

Points: If you write a quick review on their website you can earn points for rewards.  I'm not sure what the rewards are yet though. 

The not so good:

Skip: No option to skip a month at this time. 

The theme of this months box is Naughty or Nice

Contents of box with retail value. 

1 Sun Cup Sunflower Buttermilk chocolate cup.  Value = $1.00 - I was expecting peanut butter flavor but the sunflower butter was a nice surprise and not as heavy as peanut butter.  I enjoyed it. 

1 Sun Cup Dark Chocolate Mint Cup. Value = $1.00 - yum-e!

1.2 oz. package Effie's Homemade Oatcakes. Value = $1.50 - these were really good.  it was like a little oatmeal cracker. 

8 oz. box World Table chocolate caramel cookie thins. Value = $2.89 - these are very good and reasonably priced.  I wouldn't have guessed they were less than $3 a box.  I dipped one in my coffee and it held up nicely.  

.53 oz. bag Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips. Value = $1.06

1.7 oz. bag Rocky Mountain Popcorn Cinnamon Sugar. Value = $1.25

1.25 oz bag EatSmart Naturals Garden Veggie Crisps. Value = $0.51 - these are not very good. very dry and not much flavor.  They really needed a dip. 

The total value of my Goodies Co. Box is $9.21.  What a great box of snacks for $7.00!  I'm looking forward to everything in this box.

Verdict: This box is great!

** I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Goodies Co. I purchases these subscriptions myself. 


  1. Have you heard of the subscription box svbscription? It is a quarterly box geared towards men. It is really pricey I believe it is 330$ every box. I have though, heard good things about it. I havent seen many reviews of it however, and they have a waiting list on their website. My guess is that it contains very high quality things since it says each box contains 3-4 items. I am just curious about it.

    1. I hadn't heard of that one yet. $330 is incredibly high for a maybe I'll like it product. I would love to know what the values of the items you get are. I'll be honest I'm really curious about this and half tempted to sign up....

  2. Looks yummy! :) That mint choco cup looks good to die for! Love that combo! Super excited I finally got my invite! There actually is a way to skip months, but you have to actually contact them. A "skip" button would be much simpler, but oh well. You can skip/suspend your subscription for up to 3 months at a time. I found the info on the "Subscription Management" page, which you can find the link under the "My Orders" section of "My Account".

    1. That's good to know, thanks for the info. I can't imagine wanting to skip unless you're going out of town or something.

  3. Thanks for turning me on to the Goodies box! December was my first month and I loved every bit of it (ok, the veggie chips were a bit blah). Definitely looking forward to this one every month! I love that you can read other people's reviews via the Goodies website before you even try out a snack!

    1. For $7 you really can't beat it. I'm glad I was able to try the veggie chips in a snack size at a reduced price though. I'm sure they would be delicious dipped in onion dip!