Thursday, November 29, 2012

November BarkBox

A few months ago I signed our dog Riley up for her very own subscription box called BarkBox.  Human loves treasures and I know dogs love treasures so why not a box for them?  BarkBox is based out of New York and every month they will send your pooch a box of goodies for their very own. The cost of this service is $17.50 to $29 a month.  All plans include shipping.  Monthly is $29.00, 3 months is $66.00 ($22 a month) and 6 months is $105 ($17.50 a month).  You tell them what size dog you have (small & cute under 20lbs, just right 20-50lbs or  big & bold over 50lbs.) and they send items for that type of dog.  The company also donates 10% of their profits to a shelter every month.  How awesome is that!  

The Good: 

Pets - Lots of people have dogs and it can be hard to figure out what products work.  This is a great way to try stuff out without spending a ton of money.  

Donation - 10% doesn't sound like much but it all adds up. The shelters can use all the help they can get.  
Semi-customized - your 10lb. Chihuahua won't be receiving a toy larger than it's whole body.  (Although I know lots of Chihuahua's that like to think they are bigger than they are and would love the challenge)
Need a gift - It's like a shower gift for someone with a new fur baby.  How cool is that.  Congrats on your new bundle of fur, here's 3 months of goodies to get you started.  

Pricing options: I like that they have different pricing structures.  $29 is kind of a lot per month but $105 for 6 months is much more reasonable or even the option of $66 for 3 months. 

Dog like surprises? - Dogs usually love surprises. Everything is a surprise to them.  They can join in the surprise fun with you when you open their box cause you won't know what you get until it gets to you.  

The not so good:

Skip a month. This is not an option

Dog doesn't like it? This may happen.  My dog is an older gal and doesn't too much play anymore so she isn't interested in the toys.  They customize the boxes for dog size but I wish there were a way to customize it for age.  I would rather have more treats than a toy.  Anyway I'm thinking of donating them to the SPCA near my house.  I'm sure they could use it.  Give me an good reason to clean out my linen closet - they also take old towels to use in the cat dens.    

Funny Side note: 
I found this under the FAQ section of the BarkBox website:

Question: If I cancel in the middle of my subscription, will I still get all of my boxes?
Answer: You will definitely receive all of the boxes from your subscription, but don't be surprised by an rebellious brown smelly "presents" left on the living room floor when your dog learns of a BarkBox cancellation. ; )

Well played Barkbox, well played...

This months box was packed with all kinds of treasures.  

Contents of the Bark Box with retail price: 

Bionic gel chew toy - Value = $19.89

5 oz. bag of Fruitables skinny mini pumpkin & mango dog treat. Value = $8.99

Acadia Antlers. Value = $10.00

1 cup of Mr. Barksmiths smoothies for dogs in pumpkin flavor. Value = $1.33 (6 pk. $7.99)

Mr. Chewy $10 gift card. - no minimum purchase

$10 off Rover dog sitting service. 

One month subscription for DogTV. Value = $5.99-$9.99/month

The total value of this box is $56.20-60.20.  What a great value and great items!  I had no idea anything like dogtv even existed.  Several years ago I had a little dog and I felt bad when I would leave her home alone so I would leave animal planet on for her.  I don't know if she liked it or not but I felt better about it.  Now there's an actual channel for dogs.  I found it cool that the treats were pumpkin flavor in keeping with the season.   

Verdict:  This is great box for the fur babies.

***Those who follow my blog may notice that there were no pictures of Riley enjoying her BarkBox treasures.  It is with heavy broken hearts that we have to announce that Riley completed her journey of life on November 5th, 2012.  Riley had been with us for almost 12 years and her health issues became too much for her to bear.  We made the decision, with the assistance from our vet to end her pain and let her run free at The Rainbow Bridge.  Riley spent her last days in comfort with us and her nursemaid Gracie by her side. We will miss her very much. 

This will be my last posting/review on BarkBox.  I still have some boxes coming to me free because of my wonderful readers who used my referral link.  We decided that Riley's spirit will continue to bring joy to people through donations and gifts.  We plan on donating and or gifting the items from her remaining boxes to friends, family, local animal shelters or rescue groups.

I am sharing these pictures because I thought it was so cute that Gracie kept Riley company during her hospice.  It's almost as if Gracie knew Riley wasn't feeling well and wanted to comfort and help her through this difficult time. Riley was a very loving and care free dog.     

Gracie keeping Riley company. 

Nap time for Riley and Gracie. 

  Here is one of my favorite pictures of Riley.  The boyfriend made himself a little ice cream cookie creation and Riley thought it looked fantastic!  Much to Riley's dismay and not for lack of effort on her part she didn't get any of this treat.  She got plenty of her own dog treats though including her frosty paws which is a frozen treat made especially for dogs.    

** I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for BarkBox.  I purchase these subscriptions myself. 

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  1. Aww, I am so sorry about the loss of your dog. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of her. Great review, as well!