Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Ali's Bling Box

I heard about Ali's Bling Box through Totsy.  Totsy is a website that offers discounted deals much like Groupon or Living Social.  The deal was for 2 months of Ali's Bling Box for $30 and I had a coupon through Totsy for $7.95 off which made my deal $22 or $11 per month.  You know I'm always eager to try out new subscription boxes so I quickly signed up.   

I read the details of the box on the Ali's Bling Box website and it said the price of the box is $30 a month w/shipping included and you will receive about $60-$100+ worth of loot each month.  There were some pictures of past boxes and they looked great, there were also some really good reviews of the boxes from customers. 

The good:

Value. The promise of at least double the value is always fantastic!

Need a gift? You can gift 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions

The not so good:

The price. $30 is a lot to risk but if it's good stuff then it's well worth it. 

The quality. I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the items - more on that below. 

This is a little letter that came in the box.  It's a little information about the items inside and why they were chosen. 

These are the jewelry items included in my box.

This is the scarf that was included in the box. 

Pink Flower stretchy cocktail ring. - This is cool if you like these type of rings which I do.  I've also been told they make great ponytail holders.   

Silver tone cuff style bangle. - This feels very cheap and I can tell the coloring is going to flake off. 

Pink plastic bib necklace. - Seriously this is really light weight plastic like something I would find at the $5 store or in a child's dress up set. 

Gray hoop earrings. - These are ok but I think they are plastic also.  I don't mind this so much since they look ok and I don't like heavy earrings. 

Black and White scarf. - This is really soft and I like the colors.  It has more ruffles than I would like normally but I'm ok with that. 

In total I received a total of 5 items in my Bling Box.  There is no way these items are worth $60.  If I had to place a value on this box I would say it's worth $30-$35 depending on where you shop.  The highest value item is the scarf in my opinion.  I was really expecting better quality item from the information I read on the website.  For me it was worth the $11 I paid but I would be upset if I paid the full price of $30.  I'll be curious to see what's in store for next month.  

Verdict: Not impressed. 

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Ali's Bling Box.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.   


  1. That necklace looks gorgeous! Was sad to read that isn't cheap feeling :(
    Is this deal still available? I'm thinking to try this if I can get it cheap :P

    1. Sadly it looks really pretty but feels really cheap. That deal was back in September and I haven't seen any since. I would check out their facebook page and see if anything pops up there.

  2. Agreed with everything you said. There is no way that garbage is worth $60 - $100. I received the same things and cancelled my subscription.

    1. I had bought a deal that give me 2 months so I will see what next month brings. I do foresee keeping this subscription though. This box was less than impressive.

  3. Did you get your december box? I just got word that this subscription box is canceled

    1. I got that email also. I did receive my December box which in my opinion was better than last months box. I'm sorry things didn't work out for her.