Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bag Borrow or Steal Treasures

Bag Borrow or Steal has been around for awhile and I've been purchasing from them since 2009.  I can't remember how I discovered them but I'm so glad I did!  Originally the site started as a place to rent designer handbags, jewelry and shoes.  (They were mentioned in the movie Sex in the City).  They cool thing about this company is that they also sell the designer treasures as a very nicely discounted price!  The company also sends emails every now and them with codes for extra discounts.  Woo Hoo more savings!  Did I mention standard is shipping is free for purchases?  The company guarantees the authenticity of the items which is something you don't get from eBay or private sellers.  In addition to renting and buying you can also sell your designer items to them.  I have never rented or sold anything so I can't attest to that process but I have purchased items from them and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the product quality and price.

Recently I received a code in the mail for an extra 30% off.  I really need to learn how to restrain myself but I always find such good deals.  This time I found myself a cute Isabella Fiore purse and a Coach tote that I've been wanting for years.  

This is the Isabella Fiore Embroidered Picnic Basket Satchel Handbag.  It's a basket style purse with tons of pretty detailing. Retail price new: $495.00  

This is the inside.  It's deep and has pockets for your cell phone and other goodies.  

This is the top of the purse.  I love the stitched rose on top!

This is my new Coach Hamptons Weekend Scribbles Tote.  It's kind of  hard to tell in the picture but it's the large tote sized one. Retail price new: $348.00 

Neither one of these came with the dust bag which is ok since I knew that when I ordered it.  They tell you if the dust bag is included or not.  I've looked these purses over and although they are pre-owned they don't look it.  The are in great condition with no noticeable wear, marks or anything.  I'm so happy with these bags.  Now I will say I also ordered a Coach Satin Clutch which was gorgeous and very reasonably priced at $80 (new $328).  When I received it I immediately knew it would be too small for me but upon further inspection I noticed quite a bit of wear on the backside where it would rub up against your side if carrying it under your arm.  The description didn't note that it just said it was in great condition.  Now with that being said it was a very pretty purse and at 75% off still a great deal since the wear wouldn't be readily visible.  I opted to return the purse (cost me $5.50) and I received a full refund.   

Now for the breakdown: 

Isabella Fiore new $495.00, listed on the site for $145.00 but I paid about $109.00 after my extra 30% off plus tax.  That's 77% off!  

Coach Scribbles new $348.00, listed on the site for $135.00 but I paid about $101.00 after my extra 30% off plus tax. That's 70% off!

The total price of these purses new would've been $843.00 but with the amazing prices on BBOS coupled with my extra discount I paid $210.00.  That's a total of 75% off!

Verdict: Like designer purses but don't like designer prices? Check out BBOS for terrific prices!  

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