Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Glam Bag/ipsy

Glam Bag time.  Or I guess I should be saying ipsy time.  The company recently changed their name to ipsy from My Glam.  I think I read somewhere that ipsy mean "for you or about you" or something similar.  This is one of the first monthly subscriptions I subscribed too and I have to say it's been consistently a high value compared to the price.  I have had a few items I didn't care for but I figure better to try them inexpensively than pay full price and not like it.   With My Glam you receive 4-5 samples and a makeup bag for $10 a month with shipping included. If you sign up yearly it's $110 which brings the price down the $9.16 a month with shipping included.

The good:

The samples.  They seem to include at least one full size sample each month, which is nice.    

The packaging. Each month the products come in a cute makeup bag for all your goodies.

The not so good:

Skip a month? There is no option to skip a month. If you don't want to receive a bag that month you have to cancel your subscription and re-sign up if you want to start it up again. This could be a problem if there is a wait list to sign-up.

The price: It works out to $2-$3 an item which is reasonable for a couple of the items but a little overpriced for others.  So far in my experience it's all balanced out. 

The choice: You don't get to pick you items so you may end up with things that you might not use

Contents of my ipsy bag:

Soho nylon smudge brush. Value $5.97 - A ton of bristles fell out of this when I first used it.  It's still thick and usable.  It's not as soft as I like but it's ok

Circus by Andrea's Choice nail polish in Tightrope. Value = $5.00 - I'm guessing on this because it hasn't been released yet so there is no pricing information available.

.2 oz. Jane sparkly lip gloss in sparkle pink. Value = $3.33

1 pot of Mirabella eye shadow in Semi-formal. Value = $10.00

.38 oz. Carol's Daughter Monoi split end sealer. Value = $5.68 (1.7 oz. $25.00) - This smelled good.  I don't have a problem with split ends so I can't tell if this really worked or not. 

black nylon wristlet

The total value of this months bag is $29.98 not including the makeup bag.  All but one of the items are full size which was a nice surprise.  Over the past few months a bottle of Circus polish has been sent.  What's cool is those who subscribe now have the whole collection and it hasn't even been released yet.  I've heard good things about Mirabella but disappointing thing about this sample is it's just a pot of eye color w/out a container.  I'm assuming Mirabella makes containers but in the meantime I will need to store this carefully so it doesn't break or get all over the place.  The Jane lip gloss from what I could tell is part of a set of 3, it's a little bright but I'll give it a try.  The bag this month is actually a plain black wristlet.  A nice departure from the bright bags they usually send, although I like those ones also.       

Verdict - This is a nice inexpensive subscription for makeup.

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for My Glam.  I pay for these subscriptions myself.

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