Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quarterly Co. Veronica Belmont

Quarterly Co. is a slightly different kind of subscription box company.  It's not a monthly adventure but rather quarterly.  The way it works is you pick a "contributor" you would like to receive a curated gift from pay $25 and every 3 months you will receive your item in the mail from them.  With each box you receive the story behind it.  The curators consist of CEO's, authors, chefs, world travelers, business owners, etc.  I had previous subscribed to Gretchen Rubin's subscription but found it wasn't really for me so I picked another contributor named Veronica Belmont.  Veronica is a self described geek from San Francisco.  Her boxes are filled with delicious and creative food options from the city by the bay.  This sounded like a good box for me.

The good:

Variety: There are lots of different curators to choose from.

Something different: This is definitely different from other subscription companies

Commitment issues? Don't want to make a monthly commitment but still want a treasure?  You can get a quarterly treasure. 

The not so good:

Don't like waiting: If you don't like waiting this may be torture for you since they ship every 3 months.

Contents with retail price:

Miette Meringues. Value = $5.50

12 oz bag whole bean Friendo Blendo Espresso from Four Barrel coffee. Value = $15.25

The value of this box is $20.75.  The price I paid is $25.00 plus tax in California.  I wasn't super excited about this box.  I drink coffee but I'm by no means a coffee connoisseur so this is a little lost on me.  I enjoy meringues but I found these ones to be quite dry and flavorless.  I've been to Miette at the Ferry in San Francisco and have had wonderful macaroons from there. 

Verdict: The products are good but not my favorite.  I will try it one more time though because I like what her boxes are about.      

**I pay for these boxes myself and not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Quarterly Co.


  1. Hi there,

    Sorry it wasn't your favorite! The coffee is really meant to be the standout piece, but if you're not a big coffee drinker, I can see why it wouldn't have much of an impact. This blend is very accessible, however, so give it a shot!

    In fact, I wanted the macarons, but Miette woudn't ship them because of their fragility. They were worried they wouldn't survive, and thus be a crumbly disappointment!

    Hopefully the next shipment will be more to your tastes!

    1. Hi Veronica - I'm told the coffee is great so I'm sure many people are enjoying it. I tried the miettes plain but I'm thinking that was probably not the best way to eat them. I think I'll try them with some tea or hot chocolate this weekend. Too bad about the macaroons but I do understand their concerns. I'm looking forward to your next mailing. I frequently travel to S.F. so I'm always interested in Bay Area goodies.

  2. I defense of Veronica's NOM#1 this is not a bad value as one would expect the contributor to make a small profit off of the items. It's not like she gouged us and you didnt have to go all the way to San Francisco to get a taste of SFO (although you should b/c their Wharf Chowder is amazing).

    An autographed photo of any size would have been a nice touch (hint hint) but other than that I thought she put forth good effort and value for her Quarterly.

    Kudos to Quarterly for hearing that I missed ordering VB's first mailing and taking the initiative by sending it with note. That was a personal non-corporatesque touch that you dont expect from corporations these days.

    All in all very pleased with VB's tastes, thought, and value!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to run and call Xfinity (or Comcast or Whatever the F--K the crap cable company calls themselves these days) for not delivering on a $30 credit they promised me 3 billing cycles ago. Talk about making money on the float and I'm not the only one they do this to. Promises, promises. Ciao!

    1. Clint - I though the value was fair because as you said these are S.F. specialty items. I've heard the coffee was great but since I'm not a coffee person it was sort of lost on me. The miette's are definitely better with a little drink to go with them and I do appreciate that they are not full of too many empty calories. Very awesome of Quarterly to send you the mailing you missed - good for them!

      I'm from S.F and still live a short drive away so I get to visit often and usually it's for the food. Now I'm craving some dim sum from Dick Lee's - ugh must plan a trip soon.

      I can't wait for Veronica's next mailing her little twitter hint was very intriquing.

      Good luck with Comcast or as my friend likes to call them Comcrap.