Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Yumvelope

Yumvelope is a food/snack monthly subscription service.  Each month you receive a large USPS envelope filled with goodies.  The cost for this service is $21 a month with shipping included or you can sign up for their yearly plan at $228 for the year which brings the price down to $19 a month.  With that fee they promise to send a minimum of 6 full size items in each envelope.    

The good:

Variety: There is a good variety of items.  A couple of the products I received I've tried before and like so I was glad I received them.  

Discounts: The try and send a promo code for each product so you can order your favorite products at a discounted price.  

Size: They send full size products which is always nice.  

The not so good:

Value vs. Price: This seems to fluctuate from month to month.  Lately it's been in the higher range. 

Contents of box with retail price listed.  

10 oz. pkg. Cocomo Joe Salty Chocolate Granola. Value = $6.99 - This is ok but nothing spectacular.

1 oz pkg. Cocomo Corn Caramel Corn. Value = $2.00 (12 pkgs. $24.00) - This is sooooo good. I could eat this all day long!

5 oz. pouch Cocomama Banana Cinnamon Quinoa Cereal. Value = $3.50 (6 pk. $21.00) - I really wanted to like this but I just couldn't. It didn't taste good in any way shape or form.  I took 2 bites and tossed the rest.  My co-worker too pity on my and offered me a packet of her oatmeal, lol. 

(4) Madecasse chocolates. Value = $0.36/ea. (80 pieces $29.00) - I'm really liking these little chocolate goodies. 

1 oz (?) bag HannahMax Cookie Chips. Value = $1.00 (4 6oz. bags $23.96) - delicious!

30g Rawxies cranberry walnut bar. Value = $2.50

Bonus item for submitting a survey:

.9 oz. Yum Earth Organics Gummy Bears $0.80 (10 pks. $7.99)

The total value of this Yumvelope is $17.43 (not including the bonus item).  I'm happy with this value since many of these items are not readily available in a regular store.  I was really hoping I would like the quinoa cereal because I'm always looking for a new breakfast ideas.  The cocomo caramel corn was fantastic!  I like the Madecasse chocolates.  I'm thinking about ordering a box just to have a little chocolate around for the chocolate fix.      

Verdict:  I like the items in this box and they value was good.       

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Yumvelope.  I purchase these monthly subscriptions myself.  


  1. I came online to see if I was the only one that didn't like the cocomama cereal or if maybe I just should try a different flavor (I had the blueberry one). I was excited by the sales pitch on the package and the quinoa but OMG that was DISGUSTING! I love healthy items but that was revolting. I ate it all b/c it's good for me but I really had to force it down. I do not know what the creator is tasting on her end, but I can't believe that product was actually released.

    Thanks for your other reviews and for your blog.

    1. Thanks for commenting, I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I'm usually pretty tolerant to health foods but this was just horrible. Good for you for finishing it. I hated wasted food but I just couldn't finish it.