Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Look Bag

The Look Bag is bag.  They temporarily stopped their subscriptions to reorganize their subscription services.  With this reorganization they raised the price from $10 to $12.95 (shipping included) but they have promised better products with this price increase.  They have eliminated their yearly option to pay so this is strictly a month to month subscription.  The company says they will send you at least 2 full size items and 3 sample size items from high-end brands in every shipment.  

The Good:

Price: $13 a month.  Reasonably priced especially if they are sending at least 2 full size high-end products. 
You choose bill/delivery date: The day you sign up if the day your bag will be shipped and billed every month. 

Discount: They offer a 20% discount for members on the full size product in your bags** see not so good below. 

Donation: The included card says they make a charitable donation for each bag sold but it doesn't say to who. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: I couldn't find any option to skip a month. 

Availability: I couldn't find any of these items available on their website.  So they offer a discount but they don't sell the product?? This seems weird to me.  If they are good enough to send out then why don't they sell them?

The new and improved Look Bag. 

Contents of bag w/retail price listed. 

FULL SIZE York Peppermint Pattie Lip Balm SPF15 - Value = $3.00

FULL SIZE Stila Mineral Matte Eye Shadow in Sajama. Value = $18.00

1 oz. Freeman Bare Foot peppermint plum Scrub. Value = $0.72 (5.3 oz. $3.79)

FULL SIZE Pixi Lip and Line Primer in nearly clear. Value = $18.00

FULL SIZE POP Beauty crackle nail polish. Value = $10.00

The total value of this new and improved bag is $49.72.  I would say that's a great value.  The only thing that bothers me is the Stila eye shadow that was sent is a discontinued color and the lip balm is something I've seen at my local Dollar Tree store.  I do like the foot scrub and it's something I've purchased in the past.  I just bought some black crackle polish so I'm not too excited about this.  I'm curious about lip liner/primer, anything that makes lipstick last longer is a good thing.  The terrific thing is this bag contained 4 full size products, that's awesome!

Verdict: The value of this bag is  fantastic but personally I'm not super excited about this months products. 

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for The Look Bag.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.


  1. they dont sell the products because they are discontinued and or bought at a huge discount/limited quantities. shady business.

  2. They did put the products up, available for purchase just now.