Friday, September 7, 2012

Shop Lately

Shop Lately is a nifty little site to get inexpensive jewelry.  I've purchased a few items from them and when I received my latest package I thought to myself "why the heck haven't I shared this on my blog".  So here it is.  The also have purses, fashion items and other little goodies.  The prices range from $4-$200 so everyone should be able to find something in their price range.  Overall it's a really cool website with a wide variety of stuff. 

This is a bracelet I ordered. It's antique gold tone based metal wrapped arrow cuff.  It's super cute but I did notice it's pretty bendy so I need to be very careful taking it on and off. 
Price: $5.00

This is one of my favorite pieces ever!  It's a hinged gold tone based metal ring with rhinestone butterflies.  Since it's hinged I can wear it on my ring or middle finger with no issues.  It's so pretty on, I just love it!
Price : $9.00

These I thought were super cute.  The earrings on top are owl earrings about 2" long.  The earrings on the bottom are nautical themed.  The picture isn't that great but the wheel is white with a blue rhinestone in the center. 
Owls Price: $7.00
Ship Wheels Price: $5.00

Check out Shop Lately if you love jewelry but don't like paying a fortune.  Shipping is $2.99 flat rate and the items come in a little box or velvet pouch.  With the holidays coming this could be quite a money saving site. 

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