Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Samplr Box

Samplrs is a monthly subscription service that revolves around food.  Each month you will receive 4-6 full size products from up and coming food artisans.  The cost is $29.99 a month w/shipping included.  That's a little higher than other food subscriptions but if you like trying new artisan type foods it's well worth it.
The good:

Sizes: The company gives you full sizes of the products.  Now you don't have to hide your treasures from other people, unless you don't want to share. 

Price: If you are into gourmet food items then the price is awesome.  These are not products you are likely going to find on sale in your local grocery store.   

Discounts: You can buy the products you receive on the Samplrs website and in addition earn points which can be used for discounts in the marketplace 

Information: They include a card with the product information and this months card had a recipe using the Pineapple Hot Sauce.  (Tamarind Sour and Penn's Revenge cocktail)  

Vegetarian: You can opt to receive an vegetarian-only box which will contain vegetarian alternatives to featured meat products. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: There is no option to skip only to cancel. 

Contents of box w/retail price listed:

2.5 oz. Ovenly Maple Thyme Pecans. Value = $5.50 - These are just sweet, crunchy and delicious.  

8 oz bottle of Royal Rose Tamarind Simple Syrup. Value = $12.00 - I followed the directions on the side of the bottle for a Tamarind Martini and I have to say it was very yummy. I'll be making myself another one of those!

16 oz. New York Superfoods Manhanttan Mud Chia But Butter. Value = $11.00

12 oz. Heartbreaking Dawn's White Peach Ginger Ale. Value = 1.99 - This wasn't too bad.  I could taste the peach and it had only a slight ginger taste (which is perfect for me)

4 squares of The Snow Owl Rice Krispies treat from Lucky Bird Bakery. Value = 10.00 - I don't know how these people do it.  These were soft, flavorful, delicious and too good for words.  

The total value of my Samplrs is $40.49.  That's $10 more than I paid.  I am so excited about some of the stuff in this box.  I received some brownies from Lucky Bird before and they were delicious!  Pecans are so good and the combination of flavors sound interesting.   I can't wait to try the drink recipes on the back using the Tamarind syrup.  The only thing I'm kind of iffy on is the Chia peanut butter.  I'm am finding I don't care much for chia so I'm hoping this is different. 

Verdict. This box never disappoints.  It consistently offers great stuff and a great value.    

I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Samplrs.  I purchase these subscriptions myself. 


  1. Hi! I found your blog post through the Samplrs Facebook page. I am happy to click through your referral link, but I was wondering if you could tell me if there were any discount codes available that you know of. Thanks!


    1. Hi lauren - thanks for reading my blog. I've don't know of any discount codes for samplrs and have never seen any advertised either, sorry. If you end up subscribing I hope you enjoy your treasures, they're always tasty.

    2. Thanks! I subscribe to another box (Citrus Lane) who always has discounts going, so I wanted to ask, but wasn't sure if it was okay to do so on their FB page - figured I'd ask a subscriber directly and your review was on top! I'm signing up through your link - thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

    3. Lauren - no problem! How do you like citrus lane? I don't have little ones but I wonder if it might make a good gift?

  2. Thanks for another wonderful review, Anisha! Just so you know, we do allow customers to skip a month.

    And Lauren--thank you for your order! The only promotion we're currently running is with Fancy. Sign up (http://fancy.to/77z1), and click the "Fancy" button on any item in the Samplrs Market to unlock a special reward. We're happy to apply your reward retroactively if you'd so prefer.

    Feel free to send us a note anytime at hello [at] samplrs.com!


    Jake @ Samplrs

    1. Jake - thanks for letting us know about Fancy. I hadn't heard of that before. Also if someone wanted to skip a month do they need to call?

    2. Anisha--my pleasure! Be warned, Fancy is highly addictive!

      We ask that customers either call or email in before each month's cut-off date in order to skip.