Monday, September 17, 2012

September Mantry Box

Mantry is a new subscription box geared towards men.  I think the plan is to be monthly but I couldn't find a whole lot of information on that.  I did some research on it and it looked like they were going to send food products as opposed to "man" products.  So I said to myself "self, I'm not a man but I like food why can't I sign up?"  So I did.  When I went to their website I had to put my name on a wait list.  There was no information on the price, previous boxes what's included and I thought to myself "a man must have done this website, I'm a woman I NEED info!"  Of course this didn't stop me from signing up because after all I'm a woman and I felt the need to get to the bottom of this box and get more info.  Well played Mantry, well played. 

After being on the wait list for a few weeks I received an email mid August saying something to the effect of I could now purchase a box. It gave a price of $48.00 payable through paypal and no information as to what would be included or when it would ship. What to do?  $48.00 is kind of high but what if there are some fantastic treasures inside? Curiosity won and I  paid the $48.00.  

The good: 

Packaging: Comes in an awesome little crate.  This can be used to store all kind of stuff in it.  

Products: Full size specialty items. Now I don't know if this is always the case because there was no info on what the expect.  There are like the ultimate mysterious man only in the form of a business.  

The not so good: 

Price: The price is a little high BUT depending on what you get for your $48.00 it could be worth it.  

Information: I need more info! 

The box arrived mid-September via Priority mail.  It was very heavy and said fragile on it.  When I opened it up I could see a crate inside.  

This is the side of the box.  Cute huh?

I opened the top of the crate and there was a booklet with all the product information inside.  The outside said "Born in the USA".  I'm guessing this is the theme of the box and all the products are from the USA (bonus!) 

My Mantry Treasures!  

Contents of box with retail price: Note all products are full size

2.75 oz. bar Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Bar. Value = $5.99

7 oz. bag Half Pops butter and rare ocean sea salt flavor. Value = $3.79 - It's funny I always each the little half popped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bucket. I thought I was just odd but I guess I'm not the only one.  These are very tasty, crunchy and taste a lot like corn nuts but better!  

3 oz. bag of Blue Ox Jerky. Value = $6.50 - The product write up on this said "to be shared with the boys" The boyfriend says "well, since there are no boys around here you can have a piece".  This is the first thing he opened in the box and it was gone shortly thereafter.  He graciously shared 1 piece with me (I stole another) and 1 piece with the teenager.  All 3 of us thought it was fantastic.  The teenager even spontaneously said "This is really good jerky!"

11 oz. jar of Sir Kensington's Ketchup. Value = $9.00 - I thought it was pretty good, although I'm not sure it's worth $9.00.  I thought it had a sweet flavor and tasted very fresh.  The teenager thought it tasted like spaghetti sauce.

8 oz. jar of Stu's Bloody Mary mix (makes 4 pints). Value = $8.32

3.75 oz. jar of Clancy's Fancy hot sauce. Value = $10.00

The total value of this Mantry box is $43.60.  I paid $48.00 which is a $4.40 difference.  I don't think that's too bad considering the products are definitely specialty and it came with a cute little crate...ahem I mean and manly wooden crate.  I'm not a fan of bloody mary's but I've never really had a good one either.  The boyfriend also isn't a fan but we are both willing to give this a try.  Neither one of us are into super hot sauces either but we both like salsa.  I may add a little bit of this to some salsa, guac or some recipe to give it a slight zing but I'm not going to be pouring it on my eggs anytime soon. I love the ingredient list on the ketchup (tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, raw sugar, onion, honey, olive oil, lime juice concentrate, green bell pepper, salt, agave nectar, spices).  No artificial colors, flavors or other shenanigans.  Perhaps I will make some baked fries and try this out.  

Verdict: High priced but this box had some cool food stuff in it.  I will definitely order another box if they have one.  

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Mantry.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.  

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  1. I almost got this one this month, LOVE the idea and the crate is just too awesome!