Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Gobites Box

Like snacks? Then GoBites might just be a box for you. I recently found a deal through Plum District to try this box for $12.  - side note, Plum District is a site that offers discounts just like Groupon or Living Social.  There is no cost to sign up and they send you emails for deals in your area and nationwide deals. Back to GoBites - The price of this monthly subscription is $27.86 per box w/shipping included and you will receive 14 packages picked by you.  You can choose to receive this weekly, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.  This works out to be $1.99 per box and each box is 1 serving.  

The good:

Variety: They have 25 different mixes to choose from.  They give a detailed description of each one.  

Convenient: Very convenient to carry in your purse, lunch bag, after school snack, camping, etc

Information: The provide nutritional information on each pack they send. It's not printed on the package but it's on a separate piece of paper, but you could cut it out and tape it to the back of the package if needed.  Great for people watching carbs, calories, protein, sodium etc. 

The not so good:

Price: You pay for the convenience at $1.99 per package.  

Contents of GoBites Box:

1.60 oz. Incan Treasure, 100 % organize lightly dry roasted almonds, mango, dark chocolate covered cacao nibs and golden raisins.

1.65 oz. Mayan Treasure, 100% organic lightly dry roasted almonds, monukka raisins, pomegranates and Balinese cacao nibs.

1.55 oz. The Silk Road, 100% organic goji berries, mulberries, golden raisins, cacao nibs, cashews and pistachios

1.35 oz. Umami Crunch, tamari cashews, all natural miso rice crackers and lightly dry roasted edamame.

1.68 oz. Eastern Promises, wasabi tamari almonds, lightly dry roasted edamame and wasabi peas.

1.51 oz. Antioxidant Mix, 100 % organic pineapple, raw cashews, pomegranate and goji berries.

1.56 oz. Jack of All Fruits, 100 % organic Sri Lankan jack fruit, lightly dry roasted almonds and monukka raisins.

1.50 oz. Hanging Gardens, 100% organic monukka raisins, mulberries, golden raisins, white figs, almonds, apricot kernels and goji berries.

1.55 oz. Essential Energy, 100% organic raisins, sunflower seeds, pineapple, dates, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, apricot, cashews and bananas.

(2) 1.45 oz. Sweet Siam, 100 % organic rambutan, walnuts and green raisins.

1.60 oz. Chocolate Monkey, 100 % organic raw cashews, cavendish bananas and rich dark chocolate chips.

1.55 oz. Das Gutt, 100 % organic pumpkin seeds, rich dark chocolate chips, mango, raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds and apples.

1.60 oz. Tropical Chocolate Mix, 100% organic raw cashews, mango, rich dark chocolate chips and coconut.

I can't really do a value write up on each package but it works out to be $1.99 each.  Basically you have to ask yourself if the price is worth the convenience to you.  It's nice to have pre-package/weighed snacks ready to go for you especially if you're trying to watch what you eat, constantly on the go, have kids, etc.  If you have the time you can buy packages of dried fruit, nuts etc and weigh them out yourself in little snack bags.

Verdict: I canceled my subscription for now because I'm going to try and make my own packages.  We will see if I actually do it.      

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for GoBites.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.

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