Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blissmo Support Snacks for the troops

Recently Blissmo received a letter from Specialist Brie Honeycutt and her platoon.  She is currently stationed in Afghanistan and said everything there is processed and unhealthy.  She asked if Blissmo could help with this food predicament.  Blissmo's response was "Heck yeah we can help!" 

Blissmo put a shout out on facebook and created a special Support Snack Box.  The deal was purchase the box for $29.95 and for every box sold they would send a box to Afghanistan.  The proceeds from the boxes sold paid for the snacks and shipping to Afghanistan.  Of course I was ecstatic and signed right up. 

This is what was in my box.  I'm not going to do my usual cost analysis on this box because this was a special box and it wasn't really about the value.  For me this was more about helping our troops and making their day a little brighter.  I know I love getting treasures in the mail and I can imagine they love it even more.  I can say this box contained way more than I had expected and I was very happy with it. 

As far I as know they are still running this special.  Just hit them them on their facebook page and get a special support box and support our troops with some yummy snacks!

I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Blissmo.  I purchase these boxes myself. 

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