Thursday, August 9, 2012

July Blissmo Box & special anniversary box

The Blissmo box is a monthly subscription service geared toward organic & eco products that are described as safer and better for you.  Each month they offer different boxes which vary based on themes or seasons. They offer various pricing structures depending monthly, 6 months or yearly.  The base price is always $19 but for monthly subscriptions add $5.95 shipping for 6 months subscriptions add $2.95 shipping and for yearly subscriptions shipping is free.  The company advertises that you will receive between $19-$40 worth of items for your $19-24.95. I've received 5 boxes ranging from $22.21-$32.79 in value.

Each month they send you an email with a choice of 2-3 boxes to pick from.  I've never had an issue of them running out of the box I want but I always pick the same day I get the email.  The July choices were Naturally Hers, Naturally His and Blissful Bites.  Since I receive other health and beauty boxes and the boyfriend would rather have food than toiletry type stuff for him I went for Blissful Bites.  They also send an email this month for a special anniversary upgrade offer.  Basically if you signed up for a year they would send you a free box of goodies to celebrate their anniversary.  Since I have enjoyed all my boxes I decided to go ahead and jump into the yearly subscription.  I had to pay for the year in advance but it all my boxes will ship free so that makes my boxes $19 a month.  

The good:

Like trying new things but not sure what to try? This is a good way to start trying new products without being overwhelmed or spending a bunch of money. 

Variety: They offer different theme boxes, not just food.  I've even seen some that had items for baby in them. 

Pricing: The company changed their pricing structure.  If you plan on subscribing yearly they give you free shipping. 

Information: They include a card with information about the company and their products.  Also on the card they list the value of each item received, I really appreciate this. 

The not so good: 

Skip a month? Yes, you can skip a month but they still charge you.  So if you skip May you will still be charged but you won't be charged again until you use that credit.  If you're skipping the month in order to save money this doesn't work.  The good part of it is if none of the boxes appeal to you then you aren't forced to waste the money so that's good.  I just think it would be easier for the customer to have the option to skip the month and not be charged. 

This is a picture of what the select your box email looks like.  They don't tell you what's in the box but give you little descriptions.  Through the email you click to their site and select your box. They send the emails mid-month and give you about a week to decide.
Goody Box!
(the glowing things in the corners are my kitchen lights reflecting off the granite.  funny huh?) 

Contents of box:

1.5 oz. bag of Giddy Up & Go Granola. Value = $1.25 - This stuff is delicious!  It's soft granola which I love.  It also has a great cinnamon flavor.  I could eat a whole ginormous bag of this stuff. 

1.25 oz. bag of Beanitos Black Bean Chips in Chipotle BBQ. Value = $0.89 - I've had these before and really liked them.  At first the texture/taste is a little odd because you're expecting a chip but I ended up eating the whole bag complete with tilting it into my mouth so as not to waste any crumbs.  

1.50 oz. bar Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff organic Superberry Acai. Value = $2.19 - The boyfriend was nice enough to give me a bite before he devoured it.  I liked it, there was no weird taste like I've had in other Acai products.  It was like a really really soft fruit bar. 

2 oz. bag of 479 Black Truffle & White Cheddar Popcorn. Value = $4.99 - Can I just say De-Li-Cious!  I've seen this in stores but always passed it up - mistake.  I don't even like mushrooms all that much but this was super tasty.  I could eat buckets of this stuff.  The boyfriend liked it too but he did have a complaint.  The opening wasn't big enough for his man hands to reach in and grab and handful.

8 oz. bag Braga Farms Organic Pistachios. Value = $8.99

.5 oz. bag of Crunchmaster Multi-seed Crackers. Value = $0.50 - a little dry on its own but has a great nutty flavor and would be nice in a hummus dip

1 1/8 0z. stick Panda Blueberry Licorice. Value = $0.89 - This had all the right flavors.  Could very much taste the blueberry and licorice but the center was odd.  It had the texture of a protein bar.  So it was like a protein bar with blueberry licorice around it.  Very odd.  

A little bonus was a cute recycled pen with the Blissmo logo on it.  The funny part about getting a pen is just last night I needed a pen and said to the boyfriend "where did all the pens in this house go, we used to have tons of them."  So now I have a pen.

The total value of the July Blissful Bites box is $19.70.  Great deal for me since I pay $19 a month.  OK deal if you're a monthly subscriber ($24.95 a month).  I was excited about all the stuff in this box.  Pistachios are always good and I am SO glad I had an opportunity to try this popcorn.  I keep hearing great things about the health benefits of Acai and so far I haven't found anything with Acai that I like.  This will be good to try.

Funny side story I had opened the box, taken the items out, took my picture. left the box in the kitchen and went to the office to write my blog.  The boyfriend came home and was only home for about 5 minutes and I said "we got a food box today if you want some snacks" as I was walking out to the kitchen.  He says "I know, I took out all the stuff I'm going to eat now and made a pile"  Sure enough he made his pile and left just a couple of items behind (pistachios and the granola).

For those of you interested here is a picture of my free anniversary box.  It came with a little note welcoming me to my premier membership and a little about the company.    

Contents of box:

2 oz. bottle of All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellent. Value = $5.49

3.5 oz. bottle of Eco Logical Skin Care Sunscreen SPF 30+. Value = $12.49

1.23 oz. bag of Peeled Snacks dried apples. Value $2.99 - I thought these were really good.  I thought hmmm wonder what they put in it.  I looked at the ingredients list and it said Ingredients: apples.  Yep that's it, just apples.  Awesome!  The boyfriend said he liked them but would like them better with some type of sugar on them.  Ha Ha - sometimes he kills me.  

1.7 oz. jar of Neutrogena naturals Multi-Vitamin Night Cream. Value $13.99

2 pack of Ecover Dishwasher Tablets. Value $1.00

Bayers Water Filtration Bottle (has filter in lid). Value $20.00

This box was free for signing up for the year and the value is 55.96!  Man alive, that's awesome.  It has snacks, beauty items, cleaning stuff, outdoor stuff.  Great treasures.  I use Neutrogena products now so I'm happy to try this.  I have lot of water bottles but not filtered ones.  Might not be a bad idea to have around to take camping, to the park, to the mall - anywhere where you might feel better about filtering the water before you drink it.  I thought this was a great gift box and will use all of these treasures.

I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Blissmo.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.     


  1. I was gonna hold off reading about these blissmoboxes until I got them, but since I won't be home for 10 days I caved. :-P While I could definitely use a water bottle with filter included, I really like the True soap that Liz (of My Subscription Addiction) got in her box. Guess we'll see which one I end up with...

    1. Oh wow, I had no idea they send different items. I thought about you when I posted this. I wondered if you had received your box before you left town AND I wondered if you were going to peak. Who knows you may receive something completely different!

    2. Haha! If it was just a few days I could have resisted, but since it's still 6 more days I figured I might as well find out first.

      I think they only sent different ones for the anniversary box... I'm pretty sure the normal monthly ones are the same. I'll let you know if I ended up with anything new in mine!