Friday, August 3, 2012

Diamond Candle Vanilla Cream

Diamond Candle's sure can be addicting!  I have some coupon codes and didn't want them to go to waste so I keep buying candles.  What a great marketing plan.  Haven't heard of Diamond Candle yet?  Let me fill you in.  It's not a subscription company it's just a fun little product with a little gimmick.  Diamond Candles are large 21 oz soy candles with a ring in it.  Yep I said ring.  The company puts a ring inside each candle that has a value of $10 to $5000.  The rings range is size from 6-8 but you can't choose which size you will receive.  The price is $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.  So it's a little pricey but you get a piece of costume jewelry out of it or if you're super lucky then a ring worth more than the price of the candle.  I think it makes a fun gift also.

This is my third candle.  The first one I purchased was Apple Slice you can read about it and see a picture of my ring here. My second one was cinnamon tea (so far my favorite scent) and you can read about it here

This is how the candle comes packaged.  It ships in a large box and then this smaller box is wrapped in bubble wrap.  

I picked vanilla cream for my scent this time.  I don't care much for overpowering candles so I thought this would be nice.  It was nice but I still liked cinnamon tea better.  

This is the ring inside the candle.  The ring is wrapped up inside foil inside the candle to protect it from the wax.  When you get it out I would recommend waiting for the wax to dry before unwrapping it.  The last candle took probably about 2-4 hours of burning time before I was able to get the ring out and I still have over half the candle left.    

This is what the ring is in.  It's in a plastic baggy which is wrapped in foil. 

This is my ring from my vanilla cream candle.  The inside is stamped with a word but I can't read it.  My guess is it says Thailand which makes it a non-valuable ring but I still think it's pretty.  I would guess it to be about a size 8 since it fits on my middle finger.   
**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Diamond Candle.  I purchased this item myself.


  1. That's a cool ring! I used your referral link when I first ordered. I have bought 9 candles thus far... it is very addicting! I actually don't really care for the rings (it's just FUN to do) and really just got the candles because I love the candles. Cinnamon Tea IS really good. I'm waiting for Apple Slice to arrive. My husband loves Dusk and stole it from me after I got the ring out.

  2. Did you also know that the wax can be rubbed into your skin - great moisturizer! Your skin will absorb it but only do it if you really really want to smell like the scent of the candle, ha ha!

    1. It's funny you mention that. There was a little wax on my hands after I unwrapped the ring and because I was being lazy I just rubbed it into my fingers. I was surprised that it didn't leave a residue and my hands felt really soft. luckily for me the candle was vanilla so it wasn't too odd of a smell on my hands.

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  4. I didn't like them at all. My diamond turned green on my finger , then a stone feel out of it. Looked at the stamp inside and it was from CHINA. Then the wick got so small I could no longer burn it. Will never buy another diamond candle.

  5. well that's a bummer! what a terrible experience! Did you contact them?