Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cravebox Limited Edition Dog Lovers Box

This is not the normal Cravebox subscription box.  In addition to their subscription service they also offer limited edition boxes every few months.  In order to be eligible to purchase one of these limited edition boxes you have to put your name in a drawing.  What makes these limited is that there are only 1500 available.  You have to sign up on their website to be notified when these boxes are available.  From that point they choose 1500 people to receive a box.  The limited edition boxes cost vary in cost.  This particular one cost $12.00 w/shipping included.  This is a one time charge for this specific limited edition box.  Future limited edition boxes includes back to school, coffee lovers, little ones, new moms and beautiful by you. 
I'm not going to break down the good and not so good for this since this is a limited edition box.  

This box was FULL of goodies for my pup!

Contents of box with retail price.

2 oz bottle TropiClean Fresh Breath Gel. Value = $6.50

1 Fido's Cookies gourmet treat. Value = $1.60 - Riley gave an approving nod to this one.  She even licked the crumbs that were created from her chomping down on it. 

Canine Caviar Buffalo Stix. Value = $3.29 - Riley gobbled this up.  From her intense chewing I would say she thought it was delicious. 

Scott Pet Chomps 2 small bacon flavor bones. Value = $4.99 - Riley says she's a fan of these. 

Scott Pet Chomps 1 large peanut butter flavor bone. Value = $1.99 - The good thing about this was she couldn't eat it all in one setting,  The bad thing was I found half a bone in the middle of the living room.  Ha Ha.  She loved it. 

.75 oz. bag KONG Chewy Treats, Lamb Meat Stix. Value = $1.05 (6.5 oz bag $8.99)

The Original Pet Bowl Mat. Value = $4.99 - I used this under the cats dishes.  I like it they seems to not care either what their bowls sat on as the bowls were full of food and water. 

13 oz can Merrick Grammy's Pot Pie canned food. Value = $2.45 - Riley loved this but her stomach did not.  I mixed about a third of a can with her dry food but it was enough to give her tummy trouble. 

2 oz. bag Merrick Grain free Chicken + Sweet Potato Recipe dry food. Value = $0.31 (30lb bag $49.99) - She seemed to like these.  She gobbled it right up.

2 oz. bag Merrick Grain free Duck + Sweet Potato Recipe dry food. Value = $0.31 (30lb bag $49.99) - She seemed to like these.  She gobbled it right up.

Scarf from Merrick. Value = $1.00 - Too small for my Riley girl but perhaps I'll find a use for it. 
Booklet from Merrick about their products

Riley checking out her box of treasures.  I told her she could have one treat a day if she was a good doggie.   

She decided she wanted to try the Canine Caviar Buffalo Stix first.  She like that it is made from grass-fed buffalo, with no hormones or antibiotics.  Her parents eat grass-fed why shouldn't she?

The total value of the dog lovers box is $27.48.  There is some really great stuff in this box.  I just brushed Riley's teeth which is always a chore so the fresh breath gel came just in time.  I hope she likes it.  Loving the pet bowl mat although I'm going to use it for my two cats because Riley already has a mat for her bowls.  I also want to try the food products but Riley is loyal to Science Diet and sometimes a food change doesn't agree with her tummy. I think I'll mix a little in her regular food.  

Verdict: The limited edition boxes are pretty awesome.  If you see one you like by all means enter the drawing.  

I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Cravebox.  I purchase these boxes myself.     


  1. This is one sub I haven't tried yet (Cravebox)! This box looks fantastic!!! We have two adopted dogs, the most recent we got just a few months ago. FUN box!!!

    1. I really like Cravebox. The price is totally reasonable. The nice thing about the limited edition boxes is its a one time purchase, you don't have to subscribe to enter.