Saturday, August 25, 2012

BarkBox August

Love your fur babies?  Me too!  This is why I decided to sign our Riley up for BarkBox.  Yep you read it right.  BarkBox is a monthly subscription plan for your four legged fur baby.  BarkBox is based out of New York and every month they will send your pooch a box of goodies for their very own.  The cost of this service is $17.50 to $29 a month.  All plans include shipping.  Monthly is $29.00, 3 months is $66.00 ($22 a month) and 6 months is $105 ($17.50 a month).  You tell them what size dog you have (small & cute under 20lbs, just right 20-50lbs or  big & bold over 50lbs.) and they send items for that type of dog.  The company also donates 10% of their profits to a shelter every month.  How awesome is that!  

The Good: 

Pets - Lots of people have dogs and it can be hard to figure out what products work.  This is a great way to try stuff out without spending a ton of money.  

Donation - 10% doesn't sound like much but it all adds up. The shelters can use all the help they can get.  

Semi-customized - your 10lb. Chihuahua won't be receiving a toy larger than it's whole body.  (Although I know lots of Chihuahua's that like to think they are bigger than they are and would love the challenge)

Need a gift - It's like a shower gift for someone with a new fur baby.  How cool is that.  Congrats on your new bundle of fur, here's 3 months of goodies to get you started.  

Dog like surprises? - Dogs usually love surprises. Everything is a surprise to them.  They can join in the surprise fun with you when you open their box cause you won't know what you get until it gets to you.  

The not so good:

Skip a month. This is not an option

Dog doesn't like it? This may happen.  My dog is an older gal and doesn't too much play anymore so she wasn't interested in the toy.  I was thinking of donating it to the SPCA near my house.  I'm sure they could use it.  Give me an good reason to clean out my linen closet - they also take old towels to use in the cat dens.    

Funny Side note: 
I found this under the FAQ section of the BarkBox website:

Question: If I cancel in the middle of my subscription, will I still get all of my boxes?
Answer: You will definitely receive all of the boxes from your subscription, but don't be surprised by an rebellious brown smelly "presents" left on the living room floor when your dog learns of a BarkBox cancellation. ; )

Well played Barkbox, well played...

Riley's treasures!

Contents of box with retail prices.

Nature's Miracle Freshening Spray $8.99 - the smell isn't too strong and Riley didn't seem to mind it. 

Acadia Antlers Moose Antlers - Moose Taster $5.00 - not Riley's favorite.  She's been chewing on it for a few days so it's long lasting. 

HyperPet Flying fish slingshot toy $12.99

1 oz package of Milkbone Trail Mix $0.55 - Riley loved this.  She licked up every little morsel. 

3 oz. package Bocce's Bakery - The Elvis Treat - peanut butter, banana and bacon treats. $5.70 (5 oz. $9.50) - I was reading the description of this out loud and I swear Riley was quivering with excitement.  She liked the first one so much I gave her a second one. 

The total value of this box is $33.23.  Even if you don't count the toy that I won't use it's still $20.24.  I signed up for the 6 month subscription so for me it's a great value either way.  I'm very excited about the freshening spray - we bath our dog pretty regularly but she couldn't use a little spritzing between baths.  I think the moose antlers are super cool.  She's never had moose before so I'll be curious to see how she likes it.  I'm super curious about the Elvis treat - I'm tempted to try it myself - the ingredients are flour, peanut butter, bananas and nitrate free turkey bacon (even the dog gets healthy bacon) how bad can it be?  

Verdict:  This is great and I can't wait to see what they offer next month.  

"All of this for moi?" - yes Riley it's all for you.  You deserve it ol' gal. 

****I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for BarkBox.  I purchases these subscriptions myself.

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