Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August KLUTCHclub Box

KLUTCHClub is a monthly subscription service that focuses on health & fitness.  KLUTCHClub ships their boxes out on the 15th of every month.  They advertise that boxes contains over $50 worth of products or services such as snacks, new workouts or body care regimens to try.  Currently KLUTCHClub contains products curated for woman but they say KLUTCHmen is coming in August.  You can sign up on their website to be notified of the launch.  I'm debating on signing up the boyfriend up for a box.  If I do I'll post a review here.  KLUTCHClub allows you to sign up monthly, quarterly or yearly.  The monthly price is $18 a month, quarterly is $51.00 or $17 a month and the yearly is $192 or $16 a month.  Shipping is included in all of these prices. 

The good:

Healthy: This box is totally dedicated to health and fitness. If you're just starting to get active this is a fun way to try new products or fitness regimens. 

Need a gift: Have a health nut friend or want to encourage someone? Send them a month, 3 month or yearly subscription.

Information: They send a little info card on the products included in the box. 

The not so good:

Skip a month: No skipping a month option. 

Contents of box. 

1.1 oz. package of GoNola Wild Blueberry Wave granola. Value = $1.00 (24 pk $23.99) - I ate this right out of the package for a mid-day snack.  Very nice blueberry flavor.  

1.1 oz bag of PopCorners popcorn chips. Value = $0.79 (40 pk $31.60) - tasted just like popcorn but in chip form.  very good. 

1 container of Japanese Delight Seaweed Salad. Value = $2.00 (6pk $12.00) - This was delicious!  I love seaweed though so I'm a little bias.  It had a slight spice to it but I enjoyed it. 

1 Twistband. Value = $2.00 - nice little twistie band - I have short hair but it held the little ponytail I managed to make. 

16.9 oz bottle of Alo Exposed Awaken drink. Value = $1.99 - not a big fan of this.  It tasted like plants and had large pulp which made the texture very unappealing for me.  I'm trying not to waste it and I'm sure it's good for you so I'm trying to take a big drink everyday until it's gone. 

2 pkts of Biopharma's NanoGreens supplement powder. Value - $1.67/ea (30 serving container $49.95) - I have to be honest this looked really bad in the bottle.  It looked like a wheat grass drink - which I don't like.  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as bad as it looked.  It had a sort of sweet taste and although it wasn't my favorite thing in the world it was a pretty easy way to get a nice serving of fruits and veggies. I would definitely recommend mixing it with something cold and don't let it warm up - I just used cold water.

2 pkts of Biopharma's NanoLean supplement powder. Value = $1.00/ea (30 pk $29.99) 

One year premium membership to iBody Fit Online. Value = $155

$10 off coupon for Go Sport ID. Starting price is $16.95 with free shipping

$50 off coupon for Tieks designer flats. Starting price is $165 with free shipping. 

The total value of this box is $168.12.  What!?!?  I counted the iBody Fit membership because it's completely free.  There is no additional purchase required.  I looked into the program and it's pretty amazing.  You get access to online workouts, free DVD's (for those that don't want to watch online), ebooks, iPod workout and you can even text a trainer 5 times a month.  This sounds fantastic and I can't wait to try it.  I appreciate the coupon for Tieks but wow, they are expensive!  If you do any type of hiking or running alone it might not be a bad idea to wear an ID band.  The coupon makes it only $6.95 so that's not a bad deal.  
I can't wait to try the seaweed salad.  I LOVE seaweed and eat the plain strips all the time.  The Alo drink looks a little scary - it's quite thick, but I'll give it a try. 

Verdict: Great box!  Can't wait to try my goodies    

I am an affiliate for KLUTCHClub.  This means I earn a 20% cash commission if someone signs up for a subscription using my link. This does not affect my opinions in any way.  I purchases these subscription boxes myself. 

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