Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Blissmo Box

My June Blissmo box arrived on Tuesday July 3rd.  The one thing that really bothers me about Blissmo is the boxes arrive after the new month has started.  They send an email mid-month telling you to pick which box you want then they send the box.  I know in the big scheme of things this isn't a big deal but I just feel like my June box should arrive in June, not July.

The Blissmo box is a monthly subscription service geared toward organic & eco products that are described as safer and better for you.  Each month they offer different boxes which vary based on themes or seasons. They offer various pricing structures depending monthly, 6 months or yearly.  The base price is always $19 but for monthly subscriptions add $5.95 shipping for 6 months subscriptions add $2.95 shipping and for yearly subscriptions shipping is free.  The company advertises that you will receive between $19-$40 worth of items for your $19-24.95. I've received 5 boxes ranging from $22.21-$32.79 in value.  

This months choices were summer essentials, splendid spa & relaxation and pristine & clean.  Since I get so many other beauty boxes and I had just received my Summer Spruce Up Cravebox I went for the summer essentials box.  I was not disappointed.  

The good:

Like trying new things but not sure what to try? This is a good way to start trying new products without being overwhelmed or spending a bunch of money. 

Variety: They offer different theme boxes, not just food.  I've even seen some that had items for baby in the. 

Pricing: The company changed their pricing structure.  If you plan on subscribing yearly they give you free shipping. 

Information: They include a card with information about the company and their products.  Also on the card they list the value of each item received, I really appreciate this. 

The not so good: 

Skip a month? Yes, you can skip a month but they still charge you.  So if you skip May you will still be charged but will be able to pick two boxes in June.  If you're skipping the month in order to save money this doesn't work.  If you are going to pay for the box you might as well receive it right? Of course if none of the boxes appeal to you then you aren't forced to waste the money so that's good.  I just think it would be easier for the customer to have the option to skip the month and not be charged. 

This is a picture of what the select your box email looks like.  They don't tell you what's in the box but give you little descriptions.  Through the email you click to their site and select your box. They give you about a week to decide.  I received the email on June 15th and had until the 20th to decided. (Thanks Mary for the suggestion of adding email info)  

These are my June goodies! 

Contents of box:

.6 oz tube Elemental Essentials Sunstick SPF 30.  value = $7.99  

2 ox bottle of Wellinghand Action Remedies BUG-a-BOO! Vanilla Rosemary bug spray. value = $11.99 

2 packages 3.2oz. of GoGo squeeZ applesauce in apple cinnamon and apple apple. value = $1.00/ea. - I tried the cinnamon apple one and it was delicious.  The spout on the top acts like a little straw so you can just suck the applesauce up.  I bet kids would love this but I'll be honest I really had a fun time with it.  I could see buying these again. 

1 oz. bag Late July Multigrain snack chips. value = $1.00 - I liked these.  They tasted like a corn chip only better for you.  I would eat these again. 

2 Awesome Bars in Coconut Pecan and Salty Peanut. value = $3.00/ea. - I was so excited to get these. I received these in my Gotham Box and loved the coconut pecan one.  I haven't tried the salty peanut so that's exciting. 

The total value of this box is $28.98.  I am very happy with all the items I received.  I'm going camping in a couple weeks so getting the bug spray and sunstick was a big bonus for me.  The applesauce packets were really cute and just the other day I was thinking I wanted some applesauce so this was super cool to get.   

Verdict:  I am really happy with this box.  The value is good and the items are great. 

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or paid for Blissmo. I purchase these subscriptions myself. 


  1. I agree that their system is weird and you'd expect to get the June box in June. It'd be better if they sent the email June 15 to let you choose which box you want for July, and then you get it the first week of July.

    Thanks for sharing what you got in their most recent box! I signed up for their anniversary offer and I've been trying to find more information on what to expect, so that was helpful. Can you also show an example of what an email is like? I am curious to see how much information they give you when you are choosing a box.

  2. great review! i've actually skipped a month before, and while the system is sorta weird it actually works pretty well. you still get charged for that month that you skip, but you won't get charged again until you get a box. so if you skip in july, you're charged in july but not in august. does that make sense? anyways, definitely sorta strange, but at least you're not stuck with getting 2 boxes in the same month!

  3. Mary - thanks for the comment. I added a picture of the email they send. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope the next box is a good one!

    Anonymous - Thanks for the info. That's makes sense. I wondered if they just kept charging you and you kept accumulating "credits".

    1. Awesome, thanks so much for adding that. :) I'm counting down the days til I get the email for the July selection. I can see how easy it can be to get addicted to this! For now I'm resisting though, haha. We'll see how long that lasts... I'm already eyeing EcoEmi!

    2. Mary - It's VERY addicting. Eco-Emi is a good one because they send a variety of products. Also cravebox is worth getting on the waitlist for. It's only $10 a month and the items are great!

    3. I will be watching to see what you get to help me decide whether they're worth it! I'm curious - do you still do a lot of shopping in stores or is this your main way of getting things now?

    4. So far the value of the Eco-Emi is around $25. I haven't been disappointed in the items either. As for your other question that comes up a lot with my friends. They laugh at me because I get so many packages but I find that I don't do a lot of boredom shopping anymore. If I go to target, rite-aid, etc it's because I need something specific. I still go to the grocery store but don't buy many snack foods because I get food specific boxes. If I find something I like in one of my boxes I'll buy it again. I've received some items that I was able to gift or add to a gift bag so that's convenient also.

  4. Yay I picked the same box and it arrives on the 10th. So happy to see the value is over $20!

    1. Liz - glad my little blog helped. I looked at your blog and it looks like we're both subscription box mail addicts. You have subscriptions that I don't have.....but I'm definitely going to be checking them out. Thanks!