Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Gotham Box - San Francisco

It's time for the Gotham Box.  I really enjoy my Gotham boxes for a couple of reason.  #1 The products are local and different and #2 My heart will always hold a special place for the city by the bay.  For $20 a month (shipping included) Gotham Box will mail you a box of products from the "Gotham" aka city of your choosing.  Currently the cities available are San Francisco and New York.  For every box purchased they will donate a meal to help end hunger in that city. Each month, they will also double the number of meals they donate to the city that scores the most number of points.  So in addition to getting cool food products you help out a great cause. 

The good:

Support small business: The products are from small businesses in the area of your choosing.  I'm a big fan of supporting small and local when possible. 

Price: $20 isn't totally unreasonable considering you get hard to find specialty products. 

Information: They always send a little information card about the products you're receiving.  

The not so good:

Multiple boxes: I picked the San Francisco box because that's where I'm from originally but I would like to try the New York box just out of curiosity.  On the website you can change your city but it doesn't appear you can subscribe or order more than one box.  It would be a  nice feature if they had leftover boxes at the end of the month to let subscribers purchase those.

Skip a month: No can do.  You can change your city or cancel but no skipping the month

Payment: You have to set up a recurring payment through paypal.  I don't like this because paypal makes you use your paypal balance before they take money from your checking/credit card.  I like to save my PayPal balance for misc eBay purchases. 

The contents came in a regular mailing box with packing peanuts.  Inside was a card with information about the companies featured.  There was also a postcard of San Francisco's Alcatraz with a personalized note written to me from Jonathan (co-founder), so cool. 

Contents: Retail price in parenthesis. 

6 oz. bag of Chili Con Lemon Almonds from Nutty by Nature. value = $4.00

2.64 oz. Pink Pepper Citrus Chocolate Bar from Madecasse. value = $5.99 - very good, I could taste a little citrus but not any pepper. 

12 oz bag of San Franola Granola value = $8.00 - I've had this before and I liked it.  My only complaint is that is breaks up easily leaving you with little pieces of granola.  The little pieces are good for putting in yogurt.  

The total value of the box is $17.99 and I paid $20.  I'm totally ok with the $2.00 difference for a couple of reasons.  #1 These are items I've never seen in any of my local stores, including specialty stores and #2 a meal was donated.  I can't wait to try the chocolate bar and almonds are always a good snack to have around.        

Verdict: This is a definite keeper!     

**I purchase these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Gotham Box.

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