Sunday, July 8, 2012

June GlossyBox

This is my second Glossybox.  I was very happy with my first one so I was super exited to get this one.  Glossybox is new to the US and made it's official debut in May.  This is a monthly beauty subscription service that advertises for $18.33-$21.00 a month they will send 5 travel size beauty items.  You can sign up monthly for $21/month, 6 months for $115 (breaks down to $19.16/month), or yearly for $220 (breaks down to $18.33/month).  Shipping is included in all of these prices.  The price is a higher than a lot of the other beauty companies but they say they include luxury items. 

The good:

The brands: They have well known quality brands like OPI, Zoya, Burberry, C.O. Bigelow, Ahava and other brands specific to other countries. 

The sizes: They send deluxe size samples and a couple of items were full sized.

The box: I know it's just a box but it's a really nice sturdy box in a nice shade of pink.  The only logo is on the top and it's not very big.  That makes this box perfect for reusing for a gift box. 

Free stuff: If you provide feedback on your products you earn Glossydots which will eventually earn you a free box. 

The not so good:

The price: This can be a little high for some people but if you want to receive known/quality brands it's worth it. 

This is the July box. It came with a little magazine with beauty tips and product info in it. The card reads: Summer Simplicity. As the weather heats up and you head to the beach, it's time to get back to basics and let your natural skin glow. This month's Glossybox allows you to do so; treat yourself to lush products that will revitalize your face, pamper the body, enrich your locks and add a luxurious aroma of summer notes. With you natural beauty restored, all you'll need to worry about is which bikini to wear. 


Contents of box.  Full size amount and price listed in parenthesis.
3 oz Ahava Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet cream wash. value = $3.80 (17.0 oz $22.00) - I like the smell of this and it leaves my skin feeling soft. 

Full Size 2 oz First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream. value = $7.50 - This works pretty well.  I have less missed spots and my legs feel really smooth. 

Full Size .47 oz. Ofra Cosmestics cream eyeshadow ICE in dumb plumb. value = $14.95 - Very intense color, stays true to what is shown.  Lasts all day. 

.033 oz. vBEAUTE Lite Up face serum. value $5.00 (1 oz. $150.00)
.033 oz. vBEAUTE Buying Time cream. value $2.65 (1.7 oz. $135.00)
.033 oz. vBEAUTE Eye Never eye gel. value $5.67 (.5 oz. $85.00)

.84 oz. Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment. value $2.00 (5.07 oz. $12.00)

**special surprise item** small vial of Urban Organic perfume. value = unknown ( .41oz. $65.00)

The total value of my Glossybox is $41.65.  I'm very happy with the items from this box.  The Ahava cream wash smells yummy and I'm always looking for new hair products.  The eye cream is a little darker than I wear but I'll be curious to see if it cakes up on my lid.  I've never heard of vBeaute but I'm excited to try the products since the cost is so high and not something I would normally buy.  

Verdict: I'm still very happy with my Glossybox and plan keeping it as long as they keep up the great

** I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Glossybox.  I purchase these subscriptions myself. 


  1. I loved your review and pics of Glossybox... I know you receive 200 GlossyDots for referring people, but I don't see a referral link on your site... I didn't know if you could just email me aliciaeflores1 @

  2. Hi Ali - that's so nice of you to look for a referral link. Currently they only do referrals by email and not by links. I will send you an invite tonight via email. If you sign up thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Wow, I received some different items! Only same items are the hair conditioner, shaving cream, and perfume sample. I thought everyone rec'd the same items. This is my 1st box, you can see what I rec'd on my blog. Luv ur reviews, great job!

  4. Wendy - I also thought everyone received the same box until I started seeing pictures of different boxes yesterday. You got the mascara, that's awesome. I also found out that there are 21 different versions of the Glamour Birchboxes this month. Thanks for posting your Blissmo box I was curious what was in the spa box, looks very relaxing! Great blog and love your cute little fur babies.