Monday, July 30, 2012

July Foodzie Box

This is the last month for Foodzie.  Joyus' acquisition Foodzie a couple of months ago so they will no longer be in existence starting August 1st.  They way it used to work is for $29.95 a month shipping included you could choose from 3 different curated boxes.  The choice for July was Seattle, Grilled Pizza and Raw Food.  I chose the Grilled Pizza box which will go nice on our new BBQ pizza stone and new BBQ. Energy Boost Box, Boardwalk Box and Backyard BBQ Box.  With Joyus you will still be able to purchase curated boxes but it will not be a subscription service.  

The good:

The products: The products are gourmet items.  Most of the items you would find in a specialty store not an everyday supermarket. 

The sizes: Full size or close to full size products.  This is great!

Choice: There isn't just one box.  It seems there is something for every ones taste. 

Commitment issues: You don't have to be a monthly subscriber to buy a box.  Boxes are offered to subscribers first but after the 6th of every month anyone can buy a box.  Subscribers receive benefits like free shipping in the marketplace and first pick at boxes.   

The not so good:

Skip a month:  There is no option to skip the month but they can pause your account for up to 3 months.

Value: Not consistent. The March box was incredible value ($51.75 worth of goods for $29.95), The April box value was $21.03 and May way $27.75 and June was $22.74.  I would like to see them consistently near the $30 mark.   

July Grilled Pizza box. 

The contents of my June box: (we used all of these ingredients and made a pizza)

7 oz. Smoked Pepperoni from VT Smoke & Cure. value = $6.75 - Nice spicy smokey flavor

2lb bag of 00 Flour. value $5.00 (I couldn't find any info so this is a guess) - I didn't have any yeast so I had to make a yeast-less crust.  It turned out like thin crust pizza but I prefer that so I thought it was pretty good. 

2 cloves of Black Garlic from Black Garlic in Hayward. Ca. value = $3.99 - These are soft so I smushed them up and mixed them in the marinara. I think I couldn've used more but I wasn't sure how strong it would be.  

16oz jar of Marinara sauce from Ooma Tesoro's. value $7.00 - Used this as the sauce, it was ok  but I beefed it up with some of the pizza blend below.

2oz bag of Pizza Blend from Whole Spice in Napa, Ca. value = $5.50 - mixed this in the marinara which gave it a little more flavor. 

The retail value of my box is $28.24.  This is one of the best box values they've had.  I'm totally excited about this box too.  I was almost running out of 00 flour so this was perfect.  I've never cooked with black garlic but I hear it's amazing so this is exciting for me.  The other ingredients look delicious and I'm sure they will make a great pizza.   

The verdict?  Bye, Bye Foodzie.  I'll be looking to see what Joyus has to offer.  

** I pay for these boxes myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Foodzie

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