Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Beauty Army

It's Beauty Army time.  Beauty Army I believe is the only monthly beauty subscription where you can choose the samples they send to you.  They consistently have deluxe size samples from known brands and the value is always way over the amount paid.  
Here's how Beauty Army works.  You get to choose up to 6 items to try out from a selection of 9 items. The selection window is open for 5 days based on the day you signed up.  I happened to sign up on the 1st so my window starts then.  They updated their stock daily so what's available one day may not be available the next.  The price is $12 a month and that includes shipping. They also offer a yearly deal for $132 which means your 12th month is free dropping the price down to $11 a month. 

The Good:

The brands: You will get options from Joico, Weleda, LaRocca, Freeman, Barbor, StriVectin, etc. These are well known brands. They also say they use brands from emerging companies which is also fun.

The box/kit: I am very impressed with the little box it comes in. It's a well made sturdy reusable box hat can be used for gifting treasure boxes of your own making, keeping your treasures organized, etc.

The price: $12 Shipping included seems reasonable to me to be able to try a useful amount of product. Also you are picking the items out so theoretically you will always get something you will use.  

Customer Service: I've had to email customer service for an issue and they were very prompt in responding and fixing the issue.  They seem to really care about their customers happiness with their products.

Skip a month: Not feeling it this month? unexpected bills? now you can skip the month. If you are a yearly member and skip the month then another month will be added to the end.  Yay!

The not so Good:

Paying for the year. If you decide to take the plunge and pay for a year be advised there are no refunds for yearly subscriptions.  This really isn't unusual for yearly subscriptions though but I had to find something to write here.  :)   

My treasures!  (the reason for the separate picture of the eye cream is because I forgot to include it in the main picture...oops)

Contents of box.  (full size amount and price in parenthesis)

1 oz. Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. value = $9.51 (4.2 oz. $39.95) 

Full Size 3 oz. Freeman Beauty Vita-K Professional Spider Vein. value = $14.99 - This actually works, amazing!  

.25 oz. Indie Lee Lavender Daily Moisturizing Oil. value = $1.75 (4 oz. $28.00) 

.1 oz. Atzen Eye and Lip Emulsion. value = $7.50 (1 oz. $75.00) 

.33 oz. CellCeuticals NeoCell. value = $7.92 (2 oz. $47.50)  

.33 oz. Delizioso Skincare Mangosteen & Acai Super Anti-Aging Facial Cream. value = $19.33 (1 oz. $58.00)

The total value of my kit is $61.00.  Jackpot, and I got to pick the items I wanted.  I discovered a small spider vein on my knee the other day so this pick was perfect.  I've been using some of the other CellCeutical items and like them so I thought I would give this a try.  I'm always looking for ways to keep my hair healthy especially in the dry summer heat so I was happy the Macadamia Oil was an option.   

Verdict: I'm very happy with all my kits and will keep this subscription going.

**I pay for these kits myself and am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Beauty Army.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous Kit, Beautiful!! While the 1year Membership is non-refundable, you can Skip any of those months you choose and we will simply move your Skipped months on to the end of your Membership so you are never forced to select a Kit; you are in total control.

    We can't wait to see what you choose next!!
    Community Director

    1. Nancy - I love how there is an option for yearly members to skip a month. This is not something you see very often. Of course I personally can't imagine skipping a month of Beauty Army, that would be too sad....