Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June The Look Bag

***update7/18/12, Received an email stating The Look Bag is being discontinued while the company refocuses on The Look Store***

***update 7/2/12. The Look Bag is now accepting new subscriptions***

***update 6/24/12.  The website says they are overhauling their lookbag subscription system so they are not accepting new subscriptions at this time and to check back***  

The Look Bag. Yes this is another new monthly subscription for me.  I can't help myself, I love getting packages in the mail!  The Look Bag is $10 a month shipping included.  They also have a yearly option for $110 which brings the price down to $9.16 a month.  I was charged tax on my subscription but that may be because I'm in California.  They promise to send 4-5 deluxe to full size samples each month.  

The Good:

Price: $10 a month.  This is a good starting point for newbies or if you don't want to spend a lot on a monthly subscription.  

Discount: You get 20% off full size products from the store once you join. 

Need a gift: You can send a 3, 6 or 12 month gift subscription to someone

The not so good:

Availability: The offer a 20% discount on a full size purchase BUT I looked up all of the brands they send me on their website and they had either been discontinued or they didn't carry it. 

Skip: There is no option to skip the month.

June Look Bag

Contents of bag.  Full size price and size listed in parenthesis.  

.25 fl. oz. Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream.value = $2.14 (3.4 oz. $30.00)

.14 oz. Snowberry Cellular Regeneration Night Cream. value = $8.67 (1.7 oz. $104.00)

Full Size Korres eyeshadow in sunflower and evening primrose. value = $16.00

Prescriptives Lip and Eye pencil sharpener. value = $3.00

Full Size Von Berg Lip Liner. value $25.00 but I found it online for $10-15.  This item said it was personal product sent to me based off of my beauty profile.  I have never used and don't plan on ever using lip liner so I'm not sure how they picked this off my beauty profile.  The only good thing about this is there is a lip brush on the other side I can use for my lipsticks. 

The value of this bag is $54.81. The value is certainly there but I have absolutely no need for a lip pencil.  The other stuff I will use and even though the pencil sharpener is kind of meh, I'm glad to have a spare to put in my travel bag. 

Verdict: I'm on the fence about this one.  Stayed tuned next month. 

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for The Look Bag.  I purchase these subscriptions myself. 


  1. Hi, I am a CS rep for The look bag and wanted to let you know that we are now accepting new subs.

  2. Awesome, thanks. I'll update and looking forward to this months bag.