Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Eco-Emi Box

My June Eco-Emi box is here.  Yay!  I like the little foo-foo-ness of this box, the pretty note card, the packaging, the little flowers inside.  Eco-Emi is a monthly subscription service for that sends a minimum of 5 eco-friendly/concious products to your door for $15 a month w/shipping included.  The products range from beauty, household, food, etc.   

The good:

Price: Eco-friendly product samples can be difficult to find.  I appreciate being able to try these products for a fraction of the price of purchasing full size. 

Eco-friendly: Every little bit helps

Variety: Not just beauty products.  You get food, home, drinks, etc.

Want more: Sometimes they have left over boxes that they sell after the subscriptions have been sent out.  The cost of these is $15 w/shipping included.  Kinda cool if you really like or know someone that would really like that months box. 

Information: They put a card in every box with information on the products as well as the price.  The also include a pamplet on a organization.  This month is the Animal Legal Defense Fund. 

The not so good:

Skip a month:  There is a feature where you can put your account on pause.  I'm waiting to hear more info on that.  

Payment: You have to set up a recurring payment through paypal.  I don't like this because paypal makes you use your paypal balance before they take money from your checking/credit card.  I like to save my PayPal balance for misc eBay purchases. 

The box is a USPS priority mail box.  When you open the box this is what it looks like.  There is a decription card, a very pretty purple satin bag and a wrapped treasure. 

All my eco-consious treasures!

Contents of box.

Full Size .15 oz tube Eco Tints Lip Care in Rose Quartz. value = $4.49

Full Size 3.4 oz tube of Vitacare Vitamin toothpaste in Pomegranate flavor. value = $5.99 - this was pretty tasty and it left my teeth feeling really clean.  

1 bag of Mighty Leaf Tea, Iced Calypso Mango. value = $4.66

sample 3-5 uses size Rain Water Botanicals deodorant in Jasmine Wind. value = $1.00 - This worked well and I actually liked the scent, not too strong.  I like that it's natural ingredients.  I have an aluminum allergy which makes deodorant hard to find sometimes.  

Full Size .5 oz. Organic Indulgence Organic Orchard Pear and Fig body balm. value $5.95

1 pkg. Amazing Grass Amazing Meal in Pomegranate Mango. value = $2.99 - I'll be honest this frightened me a little, especially when I opened the package and it was a weird looking green powder.  I ended up mixing it with a zero calories Sobe drink just in case the taste wasn't so good. The texture was a little grainy even after shaking the bottle like crazy.  The taste wasn't as horrifying as I thought it was going to be but I'm sure the juice helped.  Not a bad little powder and it only had 110 calories with 10g of protein and 6g of fiber

1 pkg. Natural Vitality Organic Life Vitamins. value = $0.74 - This wasn't too bad.  I drank it straight from the package and it didn't ick me out. 

1 pkg. Natural Vitality Energy 28. value $1.04 - I'll be honest I didn't like the tast of this.  It was a little bitter and grainy.  The good part is there isn't a lot in there so you can just gulp in down in one shot and get the benefits. 

1 pkg. Pyure Organic Pyure Stevia Sweetner. value = $0.11 - This adds a lot of sweetness.  I added the whole pack to my tea (regular size cup) and probably could've got away with using half the pack. 

The total value of this month's box is $25.97.  Once again I received a variety of items that I'm excited to try out.  On a side note a few years ago I challenged myself to donate at least $25 to a charity once a month.  I have a few charities that I always donate to but and always looking for new ones. In every Eco-Emi box is a brochure for a cause.  This is great for me because it allows me to read about a new cause that I may want to donate to and it helps spread the word about it.  

Verdict: great all around box.  Can't wait for next month.  

**I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Eco-Emi.  I purchase these subscriptions myself.   

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