Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Cravebox - Taste of the Tropics

Cravebox is another monthly subscription service that I heard fantastic things about.  For a long time I was on their wait list.  Then they sent an email saying they had 500 open spots and were going to have a lottery for them.  I have no idea how many people were on the list but I can tell you I was ecstatic when I received an email saying I was chosen.  This wasn't for a free box or anything it was just for the opportunity to sign up for their service.

Cravebox is $10 a month with shipping included.  They don't tell you how many products you will receive just that it will be a mixture of everything from food to beauty to home and everything in between. 

The good:

The price: $10 a month is a totally reasonable price for treasures!  

Variety: You get a variety of items so there is a little something for everyone...that is is you wish to share your treasures.  Also these are products you can find easily online or in the store. 

The not so good:

Wait list: No one likes to wait for treasures.  I can tell you though, it's totally worth the wait. 

Skip a month: There is no skipping if you don't want a box.  The only option is to cancel which I don't recommend unless you want to cancel for good.  If you want to sign up again you will be put back on the wait list.

I opened the box which was fairly large is this is how it looked.  So exciting!   

Under the tissue was this card.  The theme of the June box is A Taste of the Tropics.  The card says this month's box will transport you to the warm island breeze.  I'm ready!

My treasures.  I was hungry when I opened this box so right after I took the picture I opened a package of the plum amazins and ate them out of the package. 

Contents of the box.  Full size price and size listed in parenthesis.

(2) 1 oz pkg of Sunsweet Plum Amazins Diced Dried Plums. value $0.22/ea (9 oz $1.95) - I was hungry when I opened this box so I immediately opened one of these.  Very good, highly recommend and would probably be really good in oatmeal or yogurt.  

1 pkg. Lipton Tea and Honey to go packet in Mango Pineapple. value = $0.50 (10 pk $4.99)

Full Size (18oz) Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Body Scrub. value = $5.25 through Amazon - smelled nice and didn't leave a residue on my skin. 

Full Size (2 oz) Skintersection Intense Repair Cream. value = $17.95

1 pkg with 6 Guylian Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells. value = $3.95 - I prefer dark chocolate but these were pretty good because they had a hazelnut filling. 

What a great box!  I received $27.87 worth of product in this box for my $10.00.  I love how well the box is curated with the theme.  You can make yourself some tea, get in the tub, use the sugar scrub, have some chocolate, get out of the tub, moisturize and then have a little fruit snack.  Perfect!

Verdict: Totally worth the wait!

*** I am not any type of sponsor paid or unpaid for Cravebox.  I pay for these subscriptions myself.  

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